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About Irish Leprechauns

Irish Leprechaun fairies, or little people, are Irish elves about two feet tall. They are dressed in green and they are shoemakers. Irish fairies can be found by following the sound of their hammering. They are believed to have hidden away a pot of gold. If you catch a Leprechaun, they have to lead you to their treasure. But, be wary, if you take their eye off of them, they will get away.

Leprechaun elves are sly. They try to trick you into looking away so they can escape and not have to give you their treasure. These Irish elves are also a bit of a loner. They are rarely seen in groups. Seldom do you even see pairs of Leprechauns together.

While Leprechauns are small, they are big in Irish folklore. They have earned a special day all to themselves. See Leprechaun Day

Irish Leprechaun with Violin
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Leprechaun Day
Four Leaf Clover - Small

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