Saint Patrick’s Day Irish Flowers and Plants


Irish Flowers and Plants

Shamrock Irish Flowers and Plants

About Irish Flowers and Plants

There are many symbols that represent the Emerald Isle. Shamrocks, or four-leaf clovers, are the best known. But there are a few other plants and flowers that represent Irish culture. Show your Irish pride, by growing Irish flowers and plants. Or give a lucky one to your favorite lads or lassies.

Shamrocks or Four-Leaf Clovers

Shamrock Four Leaf Clover

Shamrocks, or Four-Leaf Clovers, are a symbol of good luck and fortune. Certainly, they are the most well-known and most popular of all Irish plants. If you are looking for a four-leaf clover in your lawn, good luck. You may have plenty of clovers. But, almost everyone is three-leafed. Shamrocks can readily be found in garden stores. Around Saint Patrick’s Day, you can find them for sale in countless stores and floral shops.

Bells of Ireland Flower Plant

Bells of Ireland are distinctive and stately plants, grown for their tall, dark green spires, thickly covered by lighter green, bell-shaped leaves. This annual plant grows 2-3 feet tall. The leaves are so lush, they all but hide the small white or pink flowers. Surprise, surprise, the Bells of Ireland are not native to Ireland……..    More on Bells of Ireland

Black-Eyed Susan, Irish Eyes

Black-Eyed Susan, Irish Eyes – This Black-Eyed Susan variety has big 4 to 5-inch golden yellow petals with a green eye (center). The plant grows just 20-26 inches tall. Bring a bit of “Luck of the Irish” to your flower garden, or in containers on your patio or deck.

Sunflower, Irish Eyes – This sunflower variety is a short 2 to 2 1/’2 feet tall. But, it’s flower head grows with Irish pride, with yellow flower petals surrounding a green center.




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