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The Blarney Stone

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About the Blarney Stone

The Blarney Stone is a special stone set into the wall of Blarney Castle in the village of Blarney. It is believed to have special powers. According to one legend, it is said that an old woman cast a good spell on the stone to reward the King of the castle for saving her from drowning.

  • Kissing the stone, which is difficult to reach, is said to give:
  • The gift of gab.
  • The gift of persuasion and eloquent speech.
  • Good luck.
  • A Silver tongue.

The term “blarney” means skillful flattery or nonsense.

A Famous Kisser: Winston Churchill kissed the Blarney stone before becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The Legend of the Blarney Stone

There are a few legends about the Blarney Stone, like the one above. The following is a second and more prominent legend:

The great Irish Chieftan Cormac MacCarthy was being sued. The goddess Cliodhna told him to kiss the first stone he saw in the morning on his way to court. Cormac MacCarthy did was told and went on to eloquently plead his case before the judge. As a result, he won the court suit. He went on to become the King of Munster. He built Castle Blarney in 1446 and cemented the lucky limestone rock into a wall of the castle.

In another legend, the blarney stone was allegedly brought back from Stonehenge. However, analysis of the Blarney stone proved it consists of limestone consistent with the local area.

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