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Snow and frigid temperatures continue this month. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, especially the further south you live. February brings plenty of holidays big and small to entertain us and warm our hearts. 

Buffalo Snowstorm

2024 February Holiday Happenings

Daily February Holidays

Learn all about this month's daily holidays and special days.

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Famous Birthdays This Month

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Food Holidays

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Featured February 2024 Daily Holidays

Feed the Birds Day

Winter is Hard on Backyard Birds

Winter is hard on your backyard birds. The supply of natural food is dwindling. And, right now their food sources may be under several inches of snow. So, this holiday reminds us how important it is to supplement their sources of food by hanging one or two feeders filled with bird seed.

Your backyard birds will thank you. Additionally, you can watch them and other wildlife as they visit your feeders. Watching them helps to make winter go by a little faster.

National Pizza Day

Cheese Pizza

Have a Pizza Pie!

Pizza is one of America's favorite meals. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night snacking, too. Have it your way today, thick, thin, or deep dish. The versatile pizza comes with your choice of a seemingly endless choice of toppings.

Pizza is so popular, that there are three other "Pizza" days later in the year. We'll talk more about them as they arrive.

Chinese New Year

Tip Your Glass to the New Year

Let's celebrate the arrival of the year 4722. And, you thought it was 2024. Billions of Asians celebrate this holiday in a big way. You don't have to be of Chinese or Asian descent. A fair number of non-Asians celebrate Chinese New Year, too. Also known as the Chinese Lantern Festival, it is a 15-day event.

This holiday is celebrated with festivities, fireworks, brightly colored lights, special meals with family and friends, along with gift-giving.

Polar Bear Day

He's One Cool Dude!

On this holiday, we celebrate the world's largest carnivore. Polar bears are a favorite in zoos all around the country. So, it is only fitting that this denizen of the Artic gets his, and her, special day.

If you can't go on a polar expedition to see them today, go to your local zoo to see one. Or, watch a documentary about these fascinating creatures.



Oscar Statue

March is a huge month. The Academy Awards Ceremony is held this month. The pessimists among us should “beware of the Ides of March“. The rest of us will just enjoy a month of fun-filled holidays. In mid-month Saint Patrick’s Day arrives and everyone is a little bit Irish, if only for the day as we search for a lucky shamrock and a pot of gold. Shortly after, Spring officially arrives, bringing longer and warmer days. Spring flowers will soon pop up all over. There are March National Holidays and international days to celebrate and enjoy. Fill your March calendar with these fun and quirky days.

A Peak Ahead to March Holidays

National Oreo Cookie Day

Celebrate one of America's favorite cookies. Grab a plateful of Oreos and chow down. Don't forget the glass of milk.

Worship Tools Day

Power tools, hand tools, yard, and garden tools, we love them all! Now all we need is a project to work on.

Live Long and Prosper Day

For all sci-fi fans, and especially Trekkies. It's a great day to binge-watch Star Trek movies and television episodes.

Preview all the Daily March Holidays

Choose among the many March National days, International, and special days. Which days will you put on your monthly planning calendar?

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2024 February National and International Holidays

We hope you celebrate and enjoy all of the daily and weekly February holidays. At Holiday Insights, we do our best to provide you with accurate and in-depth information on each holiday and event. Certainly, if we can improve your experience while on our website, please let us know.


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