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September arrives with a promise of cooler weather ahead. Memorable summer vacations are in the rearview mirror as we go back to school and work. The month begins with Labor Day. Shorter days and cooler nights bring us indoors more often as we celebrate an increasing number of holidays big and small. Later this month, Fall officially arrives.

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September Happenings

Daily September Holidays

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Featured September 2023 Holidays

Slowly but surely, we march towards the Fall Equinox later this month. As we head indoors after a long and fun-filled summer, we return to indoor activities. We re-discover all of those fall festivals and indoor activities that are so much fun to do.

 Looking for fun things to do this month? The number of holidays big and small increase significantly. Perhaps that’s because we have a little more time on our hands. Mark your September calendars with your favorite holidays and enjoy as many of these daily celebrations as you can. You can select among September National holidays, daily world and international holidays, and fun, quirky, and uniquely special days. Certainly, it’s going to be a fun month.

Read a Book Day

Hardcover Books

Reading is a wonderful and invaluable hobby. We need to be able to read for countless things in our daily lives. There are many reasons to open up a book. They teach and inform us. Books expand our minds in a positive way, sometimes stoking our imagination. They take us on amazing adventures to far away and exciting places.  Some books fill us with suspense as we seek to identify “who done it” mysteries. And, perhaps best of all, reading is relaxing.

Reading a book is the perfect way to relax and enjoy a quiet evening. So, turn off the television. Then, settle into your favorite cozy chair and open up a new book in whatever genre you enjoy most. If you doze off while reading a book, we won’t tell anyone.

Rediscover the exciting world of reading on Read a Book Day.

911 Remembrance Day

Twin Towers

Everyone who was at least four or five years old will remember where we were on September 11, 2001. We will forever recall the emotions as we watched the Twin Trade Towers in New York City collapse after two planes hijacked by terrorists hit the buildings. 

On this day, people around the world pause to remember that event and the sheer horror that ensued. While the majority of victims in the towers were fellow Americans, people from many other countries lost their lives that day, too.

Similar to other disasters, 911 brought Americans together and united us. Spend a few minutes reflecting upon this event. And, use the emotions of this day to help bring unity to our country as we commemorate 911 Remembrance Day.

Fortune Cookie Day

Fortune Cookie

This holiday just might be your lucky day. Chinese fortune cookies are fun. They taste good, too. And, they always offer a positive, uplifting, or inciteful “fortune”.

You most likely think of Chinese fortune cookies as originating in China. That makes sense, right!? Well, they were invented in California. There are two competing sources claiming to be the inventor. One is from Los Angeles, and the other is from San Fransisco. And, one of them is a Japanese Tea Garden!

Grab an online fortune cookie, find them at a Chinese restaurant, or from your local grocery store. And, if you’re adventuresome, try your luck at the Fortune Pumpkin.

More on Fortune Cookie Day.

National Quesadilla Day

Quesadilla Day

What’s for dinner tonight? If you like Mexican food, you’re just gonna love this holiday. Even many people who aren’t fond of Tex-Mex cuisine find that they enjoy them. A basic quesadilla has two flour or corn tortillas with shredded cheese in the middle. Other items cooked inside of it, or used as a topping makes them irresistible to most people. Quesadillas are a popular appetizer. They also make a great light meal.

Break out your Quesadilla maker and make them yourself. They are easy to make in minutes. Then, you can add your favorite toppings. Or, head out to a Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant. You’re going to have a great meal!

While this is a national holiday, it would be more appropriate as an international holiday.  More on National Quesadilla Day.



Halloween Display

October is a month filled with exciting holidays, big and small. As Fall takes hold, there’s apples and pumpkins everywhere you look. We are back indoors, and open up our fall cookbooks to bake some of these delicious fall fruits. There’s a nip in the air. Some of us will see the first snowflakes of the season before the month is over. As the month ends, we celebrate the eeriest of all holidays… Halloween!

World Smile Day

Smile from ear to ear. It's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Sweetest Day

Give chocolates and candies, or a gift, to someone in need of a "pick-me-up"


Eerie and scary, it's just plain fun. It's the favorite day of the year for many people.

Preview all the Daily October holidays

Choose among the many September National days, International, and special days. Which days will you put on your monthly planning calendar?

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