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As we enter the final month of the year, the Christmas mega-holiday will consume our energy and attention for much of the month. If you’re not into Christmas, or just looking for more fun holidays to celebrate, December has Festivus for the Restivus, and many other holidays big and small.

Santa Baking
Poinsettia Flowers

December Holiday Happenings

Daily December Holidays

Learn all about this month's daily holidays and special days.

This Month In History

Discover the key historical events this month by day.

Famous Birthdays This Month

Famous people share your birthday.

Food Holidays

Celebrate with your favorite foods and snacks for the month.



Buffalo Snowstorm

The big December holidays of Christmas and the New Year’s Eve celebration are behind us. We ring in the new year with high hopes and expectations. All we have to do is get through a few months of cold with lots of snow. Celebrating the many January holidays helps to make winter go by a little quicker. Fortunately, there are many national holidays, international and world holidays, along with dozens of fun and quirky days to celebrate and enjoy.

Will you celebrate all of the January holidays? We will!

A Peak Ahead to January Holidays

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Gardeners and their houseplants love this day. And you will, too. Are you new to gardening? Buy a houseplant and start down the road of this fun and rewarding hobby.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th comes early this year. And we are lucky to have two unlucky days in 2023. The other is in October.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Celebrate the life of America's greatest social activist. It is a federal holiday.

Preview all the Daily January holidays

Choose among the many January National days, International, and special days. Which days will you put on your monthly planning calendar?

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There are thousands of daily calendar days. And, new ones are being created every year. Learn how to create a holiday.

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