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Who was Born on Your Birthday?

Do you know who was born on your birthday? We hope you find famous and historic people who share your special day.  See who was born in your birth month.

Yup, everybody has ’em every year. Considering the other alternative, having a birthday is a pretty good thing. So, whether it’s your birthday, or someone you know or love, enjoy it and celebrate it. Life’s too short to have it any other way!

Birthdays are the most important holidays of all. And so, we encourage you to celebrate birthdays with us here at Holiday Insights!

Did You Know? “At least fifteen million people are having a birthday today.”

Did you know? The White House will send your newborn a birthday card. Just send the following information: Baby’s name, address, and date of birth to: White House Greetings Office, Room 39, Washington, DC 20500

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Birthday Party Games – find birthday party game ideas for kids to adults.

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Famous Birthdays Who else was born on your Birthday? Find out!

Colors of flowers and their Meaning– Red means love. But, what do the others mean?

Did You Know? The song “Happy Birthday to You” was first sung on June 27, 1859.

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Did You Know? There are literally thousands of holidays, special events and observances, more than one for every day of the year. Many new holidays are being created on a very frequent basis. At Holiday Insights we strive to thoroughly research and report details of each one as accurately as possible.