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About Halloween Warlocks, Evil Sorcerers

Do not confuse Halloween Warlocks with a vampire, a werewolf, or a ghoul. A Warlock is none of these. Warlocks are male witches, a person who possesses evil powers to cast spells on unsuspecting victims and people he does not like. It does not have to be a person he does not like. A Warlock will cast an evil spell just for fun and pleasure, disrupting the lives of one, or even hundreds of people, for the sheer joy of seeing their pain or suffering.

There is much written about witches. There are many famous witches and stories told of them. When it comes to Warlocks, however, there is much less known. We do know that like witches, a warlock is a sorcerer who practices witchcraft. Witches are out in the open and “in your face”.  Warlocks shun the limelight. They are sly and stealthy. Instead, they prefer to lurk in the shadows and the background. They cast their spells and perform their evil magic with as little attention and fanfare as possible. A warlock’s evil spell is so secretive, you won’t know what hit you. Their egos do not require recognition for well-done horror or spell done well. Their satisfaction is in the successful execution of an evil spell on the unsuspecting victim.

While it is easier to spot and avoid a witch, it is often impossible to avoid the unknown Warlocks among us. This makes them a much bigger threat. The only certain way to avoid them is to live in a cave. But, caves have vampire bats. Sometimes, you just can’t win!

Warlock Evil Sorcerer

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