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Paranormal Activity

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About Paranormal Activity

Paranormal activities occur every day of the year. But for some reason, we focus more on them during the Halloween season. Paranormal Phenomena are similar to, yet different than ghost sightings. Ghost sightings are but one of many types of paranormal activity. These events can include a ghost, or it could be an unnatural or supernatural event. Among others are UFOs, Crop Circles, hauntings, Astrology, Psychic readings, and even Tarot cards!!!

Did you know? The Loch Ness Monster is considered a paranormal event.

Paranormal activity is the subject of much scientific research and study. Scientists diligently seek the logical and reasonable cause of unnatural happenings to explain away the irrational as something rational. There are also many organized groups searching out paranormal activities.  And, of course, plenty of companies market products for paranormal phenomena searches and activities.

Grim Reaper

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