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2023 July Holidays - Daily Calendar National, World, Bizarre Days

July Holidays

About July Holidays

The month of July begins with a big bang, as we celebrate Independence Day, the birth of our Nation. Also called the Fourth of July, it is celebrated with parades, picnics, and fireworks at night. Meanwhile, our neighbors to the north celebrates their birthday this month. This holiday is appropriately called Canada Day, previously called "Dominion Day". There are many July National days and International days, too. July holidays are sizzling hot.... like the weather.

July Month Celebrations

  • Cell Phone Courtesy Month
  • Dog Days of Summer - July 3 - August 11
  • National Blueberry Month
  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • Unlucky Month for weddings
  • National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
  • National Grilling Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Park and Recreation Month
  • National Picnic Month
  • National Watermelon Month

Weekly Events

July 2023 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

July 1

Canada Day / Dominion Day - observed the following day, if July 1 falls on a Sunday

Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day - first Saturday of month

International Chicken Wing Day

International Joke Day

National Postal Worker Day

July 2

Build A Scarecrow Day - first Sunday in month

I Forgot Day

World UFO Day

July 3

Compliment Your Mirror Day

Disobedience Day

Eat Beans Day

 Stay out of the Sun Day

July 4

Independence Day (U.S.)

National Country Music Day

Sidewalk Egg Frying Day- Hmmmm, I wonder why!?!

July 5 

National Apple Turnover Day

National Bikini Day

Work-a-holics Day - even though just about everyone is on 4th of July holiday

July 6

International Kissing Day

National Fried Chicken Day

July 7

 Chocolate Day

Global Forgiveness Day , also called "World" or "National"

Father Daughter Take a Walk Together Day

National Strawberry Sundae Day

July 8

Body Painting Day

National Blueberry Day

Video Games Day

July 9

National Sugar Cookie Day

July 10

Pina Colada Day

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July 11

Cheer up the Lonely Day

MakeYour Own Sundae Day

National Blueberry Muffins Day

World Population Day -- Previously Five Billion Day

July 12

Different Colored Eyes Day

Pecan Pie Day

July 13

Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Fool's Paradise Day

National French Fries Day

National Nitrogen Ice Cream Day

July 14

Bastille Day

Pandemonium Day

National Macaroni and Cheese Day

National Motorcycle Day - second Friday in July

National Nude Day

Shark Awareness Day

July 15

Be a Dork Day

Cow Appreciation Day- Go out and give a cow a hug

Gummi Worm Day

National Give Something Away Day

Tapioca Pudding Day

July 16

Fresh Spinach Day

National Ice Cream Day  - third Sunday of the month

World Snake Day

July 17

Peach Ice Cream Day

World Emoji Day

Yellow Pig Day

July 18

National Caviar Day- something's fishy here

Women's Dive Day

July 19

National Daiquiri Day

National Hot Dog Day - third Wednesday in July

National Raspberry Cake Day

July 20

National Ice Cream Soda Day  

National Lollipop Day

Moon Day

Space Exploration Day

Ugly Truck Day- it's a "guy" thing

July 21

National Be Someone Day

National Junk Food Day

July 22

Hammock Day

Ratcatcher's Day

July 23

Parent's Day  - fourth Sunday in July

Vanilla Ice Cream Day

July 24

Amelia Earhart Day

Cousins Day

National Drive Thru Day

National Tequila Day

Tell an Old Joke Day

July 25

Culinarians Day

National Chili Dog Day

Threading the Needle Day

July 26

All or Nothing Day

Aunt and Uncle Day

World Tofu Day

  July 27

National Love is Kind Day

Take Your Houseplants for a Walk

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

Walk on Stilts Day

July 28

Buffalo Soldiers Day

National Milk Chocolate Day

National Waterpark Day

System Administrator Appreciation Day - last Friday in July

 July 29

International Tiger Day

National Chicken Wing Day

National Day of the Cowboy - fourth Saturday in July

National Lasagna Day

National Lipstick Day

July 30

Father-in-Law Day

International Day of Friendship

National Cheesecake Day

Paperback Book Day 

July 31

Mutt's Day

National Avocado Day

National Watermelon Day



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3. How to Create Special Days

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