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National Dimples Day

Dimples Day. When is National Dimples Day? July 9 Holidays. gelasin

About National Dimples Day

When is National Dimples Day? This holiday is always celebrated on July 9

Do you have Gelasin?  They are an indentation or a depression in your skin, most often on the cheeks of your face. If you have gelasin, then you will thoroughly enjoy National Dimples Day. Otherwise known as Dimples, this July 9 holiday is a cause for celebration for people with gelasin. Only a small percentage of the population is lucky enough to have them.

People who have dimples are considered lucky. As a matter of fact, in Chinese culture, they are a sign of good luck. Babies with dimples are cute. Women with dimples are considered beautiful. And men who have them are handsome. They are also a sign of heroism and innocence. So, if you have them, smile as they are visible when smiling.  

Gelasin are fashionable. They never seem to go out of style. Dimples are so desirable that in 1936, Isabella Gilbert invented a dimple maker. She applies for a patent on October 6, 1936. The U.S. Patent Office issued Patent #104345A on August 31, 1937.

Today’s Mascot: Dimples the Clown

How to Celebrate and Participate in National Dimples Day

There are many things you can do to celebrate this holiday. Here are a few ideas:

  • Celebrate the ones you have.
  • Smile as often as possible to display your attractive gelasin(s).
  • Consciously look for them in others. Then, compliment people who have them.
  • Take pictures of them.
  • Find out if you have back dimples. Many people have no idea.
  • Hold a beauty contest, judged solely on the cutest dimple(s).
  • If you don’t have them, consider a Dimpleplasty procedure.
  • Learn about Dimples the Clown.

Did You know? If you have a burning desire to have cute dimples on your face, you can have an outpatient procedure called “Dimpleplasty”. You’re going to look so cute!

About Dimples

Gelasin are not too common. Only 20- 30 % of people around the world have them. Scientists disagree whether they are genetic, a birth defect, or just a random occurrence. They are a natural indentation of the skin. They are formed by a defect or variation in the zygomaticus major muscle. This muscle controls facial expression. Cheek dimples are the most common and are visible when smiling.

People who have them usually have two, one on each side of the face. In rare occurrences, it is on just one side of the face. They also may appear in the corners of the mouth. Some people have a dimple or chin cleft. And, they can occur on the lower back. They are called “Dimples of Venus”. Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty, love, and sexual desire. Women who have this are considered very beautiful.  For men with them on their lower back, it is called “Dimples of Apollo”. Apollo is the ancient Roman sun god. 

Famous Dimpled People

Here are some well-known people who are blessed to have a gelasin or two:

Ben Affleck

Bradley Cooper

Cameron Diaz

Jennifer Garner

Arian Grande

Adam Levine

Kate Middleton

Brad Pitt

Did You Know? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner have three children. All three children have them.

Today's Chuckle

“You can lead a man to Congress, but you can’t make him think.” – – Milton Berle

History and Origin of National Dimples Day

Graceful Grady from Atlanta, GA. is the founder and Chief Dimples Officer of National Dimples Day LLC. This fun-filled holiday was created in 2022. After hearing about all kinds of daily holidays in the media and from friends, Grady searched the internet for a holiday to celebrate dimples. Unable to find one, Grady created this fun holiday.

According to their website, the goal of this holiday is to “spread the word and celebrate globally the rarity”. In that sense, we are surprised this day is not called World Dimples Day.

Graceful Grady selected July 9 “because I wanted a day where we didn’t have to share it with multiple holidays, I definitely wanted it doing the summer but after the 4th of July and before Labor Day, and a day where all dimples can be displayed…including Dimples of Venus and Dimples of Apollo. July 9th was perfect.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is so important to distinguish and identify true national days.

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