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Easter Sunday and the Season of Lent

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About Easter Sunday

When is Easter Sunday? April 9, 2023; March 31, 2024, April 20, 2025; April 5, 2026; March 28, 2027; April 16, 2028; April 1, 2029; April 21, 2030

The real meaning of  Easter is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. For Christians, Easter Sunday is the most special day of the year. Yes, the birth of Christ is quite important. But, his resurrection offers the hope of everlasting life to everyone! The season of Lent leading up to Easter Sunday is a time of fasting, sacrifice, and prayer. It is the Christian way of replicating in a small way what Christ sacrificed for us, both in his fasting and his final death on the cross.

The word “Easter” comes from the Saxon pagan festival, honoring the goddess “Easter” (also called Oestre). The goddess Easter’s symbol is the rabbit.

Did You Know? Approximately 1.5 billion “Peeps” are sold for Easter.

Setting the date: The date for Easter changes every year. It is the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox.

Easter Thought to Ponder: The nice thing about being senile is, you can hide your own Easter eggs.

Easter Bunny Painting Eggs

The Easter Bunny

We also celebrate Easter with the Easter Bunny, colored eggs, jelly beans, and lots of chocolate. He (or she, as we are never quite sure about this) comes on Saturday night leading to Easter Sunday morning. He brings lots of chocolates and other candies. That’s one meaning to Easter, especially if you are a kid or a “Chocolaholic”.

There is a famous Easter game called the Easter Egg Hunt. Early morning kids go outside to find the many-colored Easter eggs that the Easter bunny has hidden the night before. The Easter Egg Hunt was the first game ever invented. Allegedly, this tradition started was that the Easter Bunny dropped the eggs on the way to deliver them and the eggs hide themselves. That is how the Easter Egg Hunt was supposedly invented. For more information see the Easter Egg Hunt page.

Most of us will celebrate both parts of this spring holiday. Upon awakening on Easter Sunday morning, the children will hunt for the Easter basket left by the Easter Bunny. Then the family will dress in their finest new spring clothes and go off to church to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. From there, the holiday tradition varies. Some have a big breakfast or brunch feast. Other families have a big main meal with baked ham being the most common meat. Brightly colored hard-boiled eggs will also be popular. It is not a day for high-cholesterol diets. It is a day to feast as the long Lenten season is over and Christ has arisen.

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Easter Lilies are a Symbol of the Season

Easter Lilies Flower

Easter Lilies are a popular flower and a symbol of Easter and the season of Lent. White lilies are great gifts for mom or grandma, or to decorate your home or office. Garden stores and floral shops force the blooms to peak as Easter arrives, providing a splash of color to the early spring season. They are grown from bulbs. Transplant them into your home garden after the blooms have died off and the weather has warmed in your area. They will bloom again next year. Then, they will bloom in your flower garden every spring! More on growing and caring for Easter Lilies.

Easter Bunny Hop

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