Easter Season of Lent


Christian Lenten Season


Rejoice, for He has Arisen!

Lent, or the Lenten season, is the most religious time of year for Christians. It celebrates Christ’s teachings and his final weeks on earth. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of the Lenten season, a time of fasting and prayer. It follows along through to Holy week which is the week leading up to his death on the cross on Good Friday. Then, it ends with his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. It is a time to celebrate, for the Lord has arisen. Christ’s rising from the dead also signifies our promise of eternal life in Heaven after death. 

The Lenten season, or “Easter season”. is a time of prayer and preparation. During lent, Christians do not eat meat. In addition, people give up something that they really enjoy. Kids may give up candies or cookies. Adults will give up a variety of things, coffee, chocolates, or a favorite food.

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