Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny

Bunnies Painting Easter Eggs

About the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a holiday symbol for Easter Sunday. An Easter Bunny can be a variety of colors including white, pink, or yellow. Kids, get your Easter basket ready. The Easter Bunny brings baskets of chocolate, jelly beans, and Easter eggs. But only if you have been a good girl or boy. She is loved by people of all ages.

Like their visit with Santa at Christmas, little egg hunters will climb up on the Easter Bunny’s lap at the mall to have brief chat. The only thing is she does not talk. That’s okay because kids usually have a lot to talk about and the Easter Bunny has big ears to listen.

Easter Bunny Trivia

  • German immigrants brought the Easter Bunny to the United States in the 1770s. 
  • It is an important symbol of Easter. However, there is no mention of her (or him) in the bible.
  • The Easter Bunny s a hare, not a rabbit.
  • Most people eat the ears first.
  • About 90 million chocolate bunnies are sold each year.

Thought for Today

Relationships are a lot like Algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?

Did you Know? Bunnies have been a sign of fertility since ancient times. An old saying goes “multiply like rabbits”. And, a generation ago doctors used rabbits in human fertility tests, leading to the common saying when a couple became pregnant “we killed the rabbit”.

Easter Bunnies in Field

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