Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Egg Hunt

Boy Chasing Easter Egg

About Easter Egg Hunt

Communities and neighborhoods usually hold Easter egg hunts on the day before Easter. And, many families hold them on a smaller family-sized scale on Easter Sunday when they get together to celebrate the risen Christ. Egg hunts are as much a part of Easter as pumpkin picking is to Halloween, and presents are to Christmas. Easter egg hunts are held by families, and organizations, and even as local town events. Easter egg hunts are fun and easy. A number of colored eggs are hidden, usually separated by two to four age groups. On a given signal, the children race to find the hidden eggs

In days gone by, the eggs were hard-boiled and decorated. Most commonly today, people use hollow plastic eggs. These eggs contain candies or a coin. Often organizers include a prize slip in one of the eggs for a grand prize.

Easter Bunny Painting Eggs

Children Love Easter Egg Hunts

All children love Easter egg hunts, and they are over all too quickly.  Organizers spend hours making the eggs or filling them with prizes. Then, they carefully hide dozens or even hundreds of eggs. For all these hours of effort, the hunt only lasts minutes, as eager children race with their Easter baskets to find as many eggs as they can.

Easter Egg Hunt Tip: For a successful hunt, separate the children by age group. And, limit the number of eggs they can find.

Our favorite events are family or neighborhood egg hunts. Typically, each family arrives with some goodies to eat. Fasting is over, so people enjoy their first taste of sweets since Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.  After the hunt, the children play, and the adults get a chance to mingle and chat. And, if you are lucky, you will enjoy the first warm breezes of spring.

Did You Know? Every year the Whitehouse holds an Easter Egg Roll on the south lawn of the Whitehouse.  They have done so since 1878.

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