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Neighbor Night

Campfire Day

When is Neighbor Night? This holiday is always celebrated on August 17

Some people say the month of August is one big party. Everyone seems to be on vacation. The days are hot and dry. The warm evening weather is spectacular, a perfect evening for Neighbor Night. On this August 17 holiday, make plans to enjoy a pleasant evening with your neighbors. You just might enjoy it so much, that you schedule a Neighbor Night every few months. That’s exactly what happened in our neighborhood.

Having good neighbors is an important ingredient to a happy and fun-filled life. They are worth their weight in gold. We often don’t realize how important good neighbors can be. But like any relationship, you’ve got to nurture friendships with your neighbors. This neighborly get-together is the absolutely perfect way to party heartily with them. If you already have good neighbors, Neighbor Night will reinforce and grow the friendship. If you don’t know your neighbors, use this day to get to know them. Chances are, you’ll be glad you did. If you don’t get along with a neighbor, break the ice and be the first to hold Neighbor Night in your “hood. It will be fantastic, to turn an adversary into a friend. On this warm summer evening, you’re going to just love your neighbors… we do!

Tonight’s Slogan: What happens at Neighbor Night, stays at Neighbor Night.

Make Friendships and Pleasant Memories

Ahhh, the memories you are about to make tonight! Hosting Neighbor Night on a warm summer evening is easy. “Casual” is the operative word. Start with a gathering in the backyard on your patio or deck. Your neighbors will ask what they should bring. Have each neighbor bring drinks and an appetizer share. As the sun goes down, a campfire is a great focal point (but not absolutely essential) for the party.  Make dinner for the group and keep it simple. Use paper plates and plastic ware for easy cleanup. The evening will be filled with conversations and good humor. You can laugh and make as much noise as you want well into the night. Your neighbors won’t complain, because they will be there! 

How to Celebrate and Participate in Neighbor Night

Participation in this day is easy. And, it’s fun. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate and participate in Neighbor Night:

  • Have a party with your neighbors in the backyard. Include drinks, appetizers, and dinner.
  • Have a campfire with your neighbors.
  • Hold a street party. Check with your town police department to see if you can block off the street for the event.
  • If the weather is inclement, bring the party indoors.

Today's Quote

“A bad neighbor is as great a calamity as a good one is a great advantage.” – – Hesiod

History and Origin of Neighbor Night

This very special holiday was created in 2021 by Bob Matthews from Rochester New York. Bob’s neighbors began getting together in a socially distant manner during COVID in 2020. It was so much fun, the neighbors started getting together every few months in the evening for drinks followed by dinner. Each couple took turns being the “Hosts”. Soon the group coined the evening “Neighbor Night”. 

Matthews says “Good neighbors are tremendously valuable. But, it usually doesn’t just happen. Like any relationship, you need to nurture it, so it will grow. Neighbor Night is a great way to develop and improve relationships with your neighbors”. 

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