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Halloween Spider Webs

spider, web, webs, cob, pictures

Spiders and spider webs, they are more than a little bit creepy. The ability to "creep you out" make spider webs perfect for Halloween decorating.

When a person comes in contact with a spider web, their blood pressure rises and  we often get a little frightened. The spider web is sticky, intended to snare it's victim (you perhaps!?) in it's web. Then, along comes the spider? But wait!!! Where is the spider? The only thing worse than running into a spider web, is not knowing where the spider is!

spider, web, pictures, images, jpg

For the Record: Scientifically called "Dragline silk", spider silk is a natural polypeptide, polymeric protein. I bet you are really gald you know that!!

Types of spiders. There are literally hundreds of different kingds of spiders. people who are afraid of spiders, don't care if it's a Danny Longlegs, of a Black Widow Spider. During Halloween, we are certain that all spiders somehow turn into black widow spiders.

spider, web, webs, pictures, images, jpgs Look out Miss Muffet! A spider just might drop down beside you!

Did you Know? The fear of spiders is called "Arachnophobia". More Halloween Phobias.

Ecards We've got you covered with free Ecards for Halloween, and just about any other holiday, occasion, event, or no event at all!

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