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The Ghosts of Halloween

 Do you have phasmophobia: This is the fear of ghosts. If so, please exit to another page...... quickly!

Ghosts have haunted people and places on all the continents of the world, since the beginning of time. For the doubters among us, there is ample documentation and proof to show that ghosts do indeed exist. Many of the links below will take you to other sites where ample documentation and eye witnesses accounts lend proof positive to the existence of ghosts.

A ghost is a person who has died, and is stuck in between this world and the next. This in between place is often called the "Netherlands" or "Nether World". There are a number of reasons why a person gets caught between worlds. The most common of these are a curse placed upon them, or unfinished business in this world. Whatever the reason, they may remain caught between worlds anywhere from a few hours to hundreds of years.

As you know, a ghost can be good or bad. We see and hear little of the good ghosts. They mostly go about their business, looking to finish something they were supposed to do before prematurely leaving earth. We mostly experience the mischievous and bad ghosts who enjoy making their presence known.

Helpful Tip: When you suspect a ghost is nearby, light a candle. If the flame turns blue, you have definitely have company.

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