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International Crab Fest Day

Steamed Crabs

About International Crab Fest Day

Date When Celebrated: This fun seafood holiday is always observed on September 14

Grab your crab baskets and head to the seashore. Or, go to the local seafood store for a mess of crabs. Get out the steamer and start boiling the water. Don’t forget to melt some butter. .Ps  Don’t forget the bibs. Today is International Crab Fest Day, a delicious September 14 holiday. Obviously, a lot of crabs are steamed about that!

There are two things we know. First, crabs can be found all over the world. Isn’t that just wonderful!? Second, crabs are one of the sweetest, most popular of all seafood. Also, the fact that people consume over 1.5 million tons of crabs worldwide every year is a testimonial to their culinary popularity. While steaming crabs is the most popular, you can bake, boil, grill, or make it in a wide variety of recipes. In other words, “have it your way!”

There are thousands of varieties of crabs. They range in size from 5 inches across, to over 13 feet! Fishermen have a second reason to celebrate crabs today. They use the little ones to catch lunker bass and other fish. As for the largest varieties, well let’s just say they’d make one heck of a crab fest!

Have a very delectable Happy International Crab Fest Day!

Crab Trivia

  • Some species of crabs live up to 100 years if a fisherman doesn’t catch them first.
  • Worldwide, we consume over 1.5 million tons per year.
  • Crabs have 10 limbs. As a result, they are called the “Spider of the sea”.
  • They can lay 2,000 eggs at a time.
  • The shell, or carapace, is the skeleton on the outside of its body.
  • There are over 5,000 species.
  • There are salt water and fresh water varieties.
  • A group of crabs is called a “cast”.
  • They range in size from 5 inches in diameter to 13 feet across!
  • All crabs have two very strong front claws (pincers). They use them like a vise for crushing objects.
  • Crabs communicate by flapping their pincers and drumming their claws.
  • Crabs can move in any direction.
  • A severed claw or leg regenerates over time.

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Today's Quote

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” – – Henry David Thoreau


History and Origin of International Crab Fest Day

 Bob Matthews, author of Holiday Insights created International Crab Fest Day in 2018 to recognize and celebrate one of the world’s most popular seafood. And, it is fitting that it is an “international’ day, as they are found and consumed all over the world.  Finally, a date in September was chosen, as the weather cools in September. Clam and seafood bakes become popular during the late summer to fall season.

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