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Famous June Birthdays

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Who was Born in June on Your Birthday?

Do you know who was born on your birthday? There are many famous June birthdays displayed below. We hope you find famous and historic people who share your special day.  See who was born in your birth month below.

Did You Know? The song “Happy Birthday to You” was first sung on June 27, 1859

Famous June Birthdays

June 1 Birthdays

Brigham Young, Mormon religious leader. (1801)

Andy Griffith, actor. (1926)

Marilyn Monroe, actress. (1926)

Pat Boone, singer. (1934)

Morgan Freeman, actor, movie “Driving Miss Daisy”. (1937)

Ron Wood, musician, member of the “Rolling Stones”. (1947)

Heidi Klum, German supermodel, actress, and fashion designer. (1973)

Alanis Morisette, singer. (1974)

June 2 Birthdays

Martha Washington, the very first First Lady of the United States. (1731)

Johnny Weissmuller, Olympic champion swimmer, actor “Tarzan”. (1904)

Pete Conrad, astronaut. (1930)

Stacy Keach, actor. (1941)

Jerry Mathers, actor “Beaver” on “Leave it to Beaver”. (1948)

Dana Carvey,  SNL, “Wayne’s World”. (1955)

Abby Wambach, soccer player, coach. (1980)

June 3 Birthdays

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America. (1808)

King George V, of England. (1865)

Tony Curtis, actor. (1925)

Allen Ginsberg, poet. (1926)

Curtis Mayfield, singer, songwriter. (1942)

Anderson Cooper, journalist, and author. (1967)

June 4 Birthdays

King George III, king of England during the American Revolution. (1738)

Dennis Weaver, actor. (1924)

Michelle Phillips, singer, and member of the “Mamas and the Papas”. (1944)

Parker Stevenson, actor. (1952)

Noah Wyle, actor “Carter” on the TV series “ER”. (1971)

Angelina Jolie, actress. (1975)

June 5 Birthdays

Francisco “Pancho” Villa, Mexican revolutionary. (1878)

John Maynard Keynes, economist. (1883)

Bill Moyers, TV journalist. (1934)

Kenny G, musician. (1956)

June 6 Birthdays

Nathan Hale, Revolutionary War hero, and patriot. (1755)

Alexander Pushkin, poet. (1799)

Donald F. Duncan Sr, created the Duncan Yo-Yo. (1982)

The Dalai Lama, Tibetan spiritual leader. (1935

Marian Wright Edelman, children’s rights activist. (1939)

Bjorn Borg, tennis champion. (1956)

June 7 Birthdays

Paul Gauguin, painter. (1848)

Dean Martin, singer, actor, and producer. (1917)

Rocky Graziano, boxing champion. (1922)

Tom Jones, singer. (1940)

Liam Neeson, actor. (1952)

“Prince”, singer. (1958)

June 8 Birthdays

Frank Lloyd Wright, architect. (1867)

Francis Crick, a biologist, biochemist, co-discovered the structure of DNA. (1916)

Byron R. White, Supreme Court justice. (1917)

Barbara Bush, First Lady of the United States. (1925)

Jerry Stiller, comedian, actor. (1929)

James Darren, singer, actor. (1936)

Joan Rivers, comedian. (1937)

Nancy Sinatra, Singer and daughter of Frank Sinatra, “These Boots Are Made for Walking”. (1940)

Boz Scaggs, rock singer. (1944)

Scott Adams, the cartoonist who created the cartoon “Dilbert”. (1957)

Julianna Margulies, actress. (1966)

Kanye West, singer, producer. (1977)

June 9 Birthdays

George Stephenson, invented the steam locomotive. (1781)

Cole Porter, composer, lyricist. (1893)

Robert Cummings, actor. (1908)

Dick Vitale, sportscaster. (1940)

Michael J. Fox, actor, “Back to the Future”. (1961)

Johnny Depp, actor, “Pirates of the Caribbean”. (1963)

Natalie Portman, “Queen Amidala” in “Star Wars”. (1981)

June 10 Birthdays

Frederick Loewe, composer. (1901)

Prince Philip, Britain Prince Consort, Duke of Ellington. (1921)

Judy Garland, singer, actress “The Wizard of Oz”. (1922)

Tara Lipinski, Olympic champion figure skater. (1982)

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June 11 Birthdays

Richard Strauss, composer, musician, and conductor. (1864)

Jeannette Rankin, first woman elected to Congress. (1880)

Jacques Cousteau, undersea explorer, writer, and filmmaker. (1910)

Vince Lombardi, football coach. (1913)

Gene Wilder, actor and director. (1935)

Chad Everett, actor. (1936)

Joe Montana, NFL quarterback. (1956)

June 12 Birthdays

David Rockefeller, banker. (1915)

George H. W. Bush, 41st U.S. President from 1989 – 1993. (1924)

Vic Damone, singer. (1928)

Anne Frank, the Holocaust victim, wrote a diary of her experience. (1929)

Jim Nabors, actor and singer. (1933)

Marv Albert, sportscaster. (1943)

June 13 Birthdays

Dorothy L. Sayers, mystery writer. (1893)

Malcolm McDowell, actor. (1943)

Richard Thomas, actor. (1951)

Tim Allen, comedian, movie and television actor, TV series “Home Improvement”. (1953)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins, actresses. (1986)

June 14 Birthdays

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author, abolitionist. (1811)

Alois Alzheimer, psychiatrist, pathologist. (1864)

Burl Ives, singer, actor. (1909)

Gene Barry, actor. (1919)

Donald Trump,  45th U.S. President, real estate executive, TV personality “The Donald”. (1946)

Boy George, singer. (1961)

Steffi Graf, tennis champion. (1969)

June 15 Birthdays

Mario Cuomo, NY Governor. (1932)

Waylon Jennings, country singer. (1937)

Jim Belushi, actor, and brother of John Belushi. (1954)

Wade Boggs, MLB slugger. (1958)

Helen Hunt, actress. (Los Angeles, CA) (1963)

Courtney Cox, actress “Friends”. (1964)

Ice Cube, rapper. (1969)

Neil Patrick Harris, actor, singer, and director. (1974)

June 16 Birthdays

Geronimo, Native American Apache leader. (1829)

Stan Laurel, comedian, “Laurel & Hardy” duo. (1890)

Katharine Graham, newspaper publisher. (New York, NY) (1917)

Joan Van Ark, actress, “Val” on the TV series “Knots Landing”. (1943)

Roberto Duran, boxing champion. (1951)

June 17 Birthdays

Dean Martin, actor, singer. (1917)

Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House. (1943)

Barry Manilow, singer, and songwriter. (25+)

Phylicia Rashad, actress. (1948)

Joe Piscopo, comedian, actor, SNL. (1951)

Dan Jansen, Olympic champion speed skater. (1965)

Venus Williams, tennis player. (1980)

June 18 Birthdays

George Mallory, a mountain climber, and explorer. (1886)

Bud Collyer, Game show host for “To Tell the Truth”. (1908)

Roger Ebert, film critic, “Siskel & Ebert”. (1942)

Paul McCartney, singer, songwriter, and musician, “The Beatles”. (1942)

Carol Kane, actress. (1952)

Blake Shelton, country singer, Tv personality on “The Voice”. (1976)

June 19 Birthdays

Blaise Pascal, philosopher, physicist. (1623)

Moe Howard, comedian, actor, “Moe” of the “Three Stooges”. (1897)

Guy Lombardo, bandleader. (1902)

Lou Gehrig, baseball player. (1903)

Salman Rushdie, author of “The Satanic Verses”. (1947)

Kathleen Turner, actress. (1954)

Paula Abdul, dancer, choreographer, and “American Idol” judge. (1962)

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister. (1964)

June 20 Birthdays

Erol Flynn, actor. (1909)

Chet Atkins, guitarist. (1924)

Audie Murphy, actor, WWII hero. (1924)

Olympia Dukakis, actress. (1931)

Danny Aiello, actor. (1933)

Martin Landau, actor. (1934)

Brian Wilson, singer, songwriter, member of the “Beach Boys”. (1942)

Anne Murray, singer. (1945)

Bob Vila, TV handyman show. (1946)

Lionel Richie, singer. (1949)

John Goodman, actor. (1952)

Cyndi Lauper, singer. (1953)

Nicole Kidman, actress. (1967)

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June 21 Birthdays

June 21, 1905 – Jean-Paul Sartre, philosopher, novelist, playwright

Mary McCarthy, novelist. (1912)

Jane Russell, actress. (1921)

Maureen Stapleton, actress. (1925)

Meredith Baxter, actress. (1947)

Michael Gross, actor. (1947)

June 22 Birthdays

John Dillinger, bank robber. (1903)

Bill Blass, fashion designer. (1922)

Ralph Waite, actor. (1929)

Kris Kristofferson, singer, actor. (1936)

Ed Bradley, TV journalist. (1941)

Meryl Streep, Oscar-winning actress. (1949)

Lindsay Wagner, actress, television series The Bionic Woman. (1949)

Dan Brown, author, The DaVinci Code. (1964)

June 23 Birthdays

June Carter Cash, country singer. (1929)

Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court justice. (1948)

June 24 Birthdays

Jack Dempsey, boxing champion. (1895)

Mick Fleetwood, musician, member of Fleetwood Mac. (1942)

Michele Lee, actress. (1942)

George Pataki, NY Governor. (1945)

Ellison Onizuka, astronaut, died in the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion. (1964)

Sherry Stringfield, actress. (Colorado Springs, CO) (1967)

June 25 Birthdays

Rose O’Neill, created Kewpie Dolls. (1874)

George Orwell, novelist. (1903)

June Lockhart, actress. (1925)

Clint Eastwood, actor and politician. (1930) 

Carly Simon, singer.  (1945)

Jimmie Walker, actor, comedian. (1948)

June 26 Birthdays

Abner Doubleday invented the game of baseball. (1819)

Pearl S. Buck, novelist. (1892)

Roy Plunkett, invented Teflon. (1910)

George Michael, singer. (1963)

Chris O’Donnell, actor. (1970)

Derek Jeter, American baseball player. (1974)

Ariana Grande, singer and, actress. (1993)

June 27 Birthdays

Helen Keller, blind author, lecturer. (1880)

Bob Keeshan, children’s TV- “Captain Kangaroo”. (1927)

H. Ross Perot, entrepreneur, presidential candidate. (1930)

Julia Duffy, actress. (1951)

June 28 Birthdays

Henry VIII, King of England. (1491)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher. (1712)

Richard Rodgers, music composer, “Rogers and Hammerstein”. (1902)

Mel Brooks, actor and director. (1926)

Pat Morita, actor. (1932)

Bruce Davison,  actor. (1946)

John Elway, NFL quarterback, Denver Broncos. (1960)

John Cusack, actor. (1966)

Elon Musk, was born in South Africa. Entrepreneur, inventor, Tesla Motors, Space-X. (1971)

June 29 Birthdays

George W. Goethals, chief engineer for the Panama Canal/ (1858)

Stokely Carmichael, militant civil rights activist. (1941)

Gary Busey, actor. (1944)

Richard Lewis, comedian and actor. (1947)

Sharon Lawrence, actress. (1962)

June 30 Birthdays

Susan Hayward, actress. (1917)

Lena Horne, actress and singer. (1917)

Mike Tyson, boxing champion. (1966)

Michael Phelps, American Olympic multiple gold medalist in swimming. (1985)

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