Birthdays Party Games


Birthday Party Games

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Birthday Party Game Ideas

Here are some fun birthday party game ideas for birthday parties and other events. It will help to make your birthday party a success! Don’t hesitate to alter the game, to fit the birthday party age and interests of the group.

Give prizes out to the winners. for younger party-goers, make sure each child wins as least one game. Some games are quick and you can play until each child wins. Award penny candy as a prize. 

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The "Name Game"

This is a great warm-up, get-to-know-you game for all age groups, from kids to adults.

All you need is:

  • 3×5 cards
  • Marking Pen(medium or wide point)
  • Safety Pins

Pick a theme for this game: famous people, actors, singers, cartoon characters, etc.

Before the party, print neatly the name of a person or character associated with the Theme you selected onto a 3×5 card.

Use a different name on each card.

Make up enough cards for more than each person invited to the party, especially for kids. This can be such a fun game, that party participants often want to play it more than once.

Upon arriving, use a safety pin to put one card on each guest’s back. Do not tell them who is on the card.

Game Objective: To guess who “you” are, the name on your back.


  1. You can ask only one question of a guest, before moving to another guest to ask a question.

  2. Only “Yes” and “No” answers can be given.

  3. Laughing, facial expressions, etc are certainly allowed.

  4. Look for questions that will quickly narrow the quest such as:

    1. Am I a male(or female)?
    2. Am I a real person(versus fictional character)?
  5. If a guest guesses too quickly, give them another name tag.
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Object of Game: To guess pairs of hidden objects. Like the “Concentration ” game.


  1. Pick a Theme. Cartoons, Movies, History, etc.

  2. Take twelve Post-it notes.

  3. Using a crayon or marker, number each Post-it note from one to twelve on the front, non-sticky side.

  4. On the other side, put on two cards each, words related to the theme you selected. Do not pair in numerical order. 

  5. Put the post-its on a wall in two or three rows in numerical order.

Playing the Game:

  1. Each player takes a turn asking for two numbers to be turned over.

  2. If there is a match, the player wins a piece of candy.

  3. The play goes on to the next player whether or not a match is made.

Tip: For older kids and adults, use more than twelve Post-it notes.

Egg Walk

Object of Game: Walk across a predefined path without dropping the egg. This is an outdoor game.

Important: for safety purposes, no running is allowed. Smaller children should not play this game.

Playing the Game:

  1. Each player puts the handle end of a tablespoon in his or her mouth.

  2. A raw egg is placed on the spoon.

  3. Players then walk quickly across the yard and back, or in a pre-defined path.

  4. The first player to cross the finish line without dropping and breaking the egg is the grand winner.

  5. Every player who crosses the finish line with an unbroken egg wins a piece of candy.

Penny Pitch

Object of Game: To pitch a penny into a plastic cup or bowl. Like the old-fashioned festival game, this will be popular at your birthday party.


  1. Gather together 10 to 12 plastic bowls and/or cups. You can use glass, but there is always the possibility of breaking them.

  2. Place the bowls and/or cups on the floor, close together.

  3. Use masking tape to mark a line on the floor far enough away, that the tallest player can not lean over and drop the pennies straight down.

Playing the Game:

  1. Give each player twenty pennies.

  2. The player wins a piece of candy or a  prize by getting a penny into a bowl or cup.

Ring Toss

Object of Game: To toss a ring around an age-appropriate object. For small children, stuffed animals work well. For adults, liquor bottles make great targets, especially if it is the prize.


  1. Buy or make three or four rings about twice as big around as the targets.

  2. If you don’t know what to use, try an extra piece of leftover electrical cable and tape the ends together with duct tape.

Playing the Game:

  1. Place two or three “targets” a few feet to several feet away. The older the group, the farther away it is placed.

  2. Give the rings to a player. (take turns)

  3. A piece of candy (or two), or a prize,  is awarded for ringing the target.

Party Bocce

Object of Game: Roll a ball closest to a designated object.


Playing the Game:

  1. Place an age-appropriate object, like a teddy bear for small kids, several feet away. This is the target.

  2. Give each player a small ball. Tennis balls and even ping pong balls work indoors.

  3. Each player rolls (no tossing or throwing) their ball, and tries to be the closest to the target.

  4. The player closest wins a prize or piece of candy.

  5. Play as many times as you want.

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