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Celebrating the Christmas Holiday Season

Christmas Lights, Global Holiday
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Ah! Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year. Christmas has both a strong religious and traditional meaning. The whole Christmas holiday season has a certain feel all to itself, that you usually do not feel at any other time of the year. It creates within us, a sense of kindness and concern for our fellow man. At no other time are we more generous and giving. And, Christmas creates a sense of family and belonging.

Everyone comes home for the Christmas holiday. It is a time of family and giving. It is truly a time that comes but once a year. Christmas is celebrated in most countries around the world!

And so, we invite you to ride along. Join us in celebration of the magic, the wonder, and the spirit of this holiday season.

Christmas Stockings

From all of us at Holiday Insights, we wish you a peaceful and prosperous Christmas holiday season, and a prosperous New Year!

Christmas Fun and Traditions

Christmas Tree

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

Finding a Christmas tree is one of the first steps in preparing for the holiday season. How to find the perfect tree.

We’ve been good this year and we know you have been too! So, we hope Santa’s bag is stuffed full of goodies for all of us.

Did you Know? Charles Dickens published “A Christmas Carol” on December 19, 1843.

Christmas Lights, Global Holiday
Santa on Chimney

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Want to have some real fun? Give the Twelve Days of Christmas to someone. It’s a great way to find the Christmas spirit for the giver, the receiver and everyone around them. The daily gift can be something your already have around the house. they can cost almost nothing. Or, you can hire a twelve man Drum and Bugle Corps to perform on the last day. Have 12 days of Christmas fun!

Today’s Quote: “No man (or woman) is a failure who has friends.” Clarence the Angel in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

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