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When is Super Bowl Sunday? February 11, 2024, Super Bowl LVIII (58) at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada

Every NFL Football team wants to get to the “Party”, The “Big Game”, and the Super Bowl! And, only one team leaves with the victory and a Super Bowl ring telling the world they are the greatest football team in the world. When is the Super Bowl Sunday? Football teams and the vast majority of Americans have circled the date on their calendars many months ago. The NFL’s championship game has been held annually since the first game held on January 15, 1967. In Super Bowl I the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10.

Millions of people around the world hold or attend the “Big Party” at bars, party houses, and in their living rooms.  Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest snack day of the year. Second only to, you guessed it, New Year’s Eve. Sit down and tune in to the most-watched game of the year. Even casual sports fans take part. After all, watching the great ads and the super Half-time show, are as much a part of the game as the game itself. Many spouses readily admit they watch the Superbowl just to see the ads.

Who will win the Super Bowl this year? We don’t know, but it sure is fun watching our team compete for the Lombardi trophy. It could be just a touchdown away.

Remember when…..In 1973, The Miami Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins in Superbowl VII, to become the first undefeated team in NFL history.

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Where and When is Super Bowl Sunday in Future Years?

Here are future dates and locations:

Superbowl LVIII is February 11, 2024, at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

Super Bowl LIX is February 9, 2025, at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Super Bowl LX is February 8, 2026, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

How to Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday

  • Repeat things say today. Repeat things say today. (teehee)
  • Repeat things you do today. For example, enjoy an ice cream cone. Then, enjoy a second one!
  • Yodel in a canyon and listen for an echo. If you do not near a canyon, sometimes hallways will produce an echo.


  • You don’t have to repeat mistakes today.
  • Don’t repeat unpleasant tasks.
  • Don’t go to work twice.

Today's Quote

“Football is unconditional love.” – – Tom Brady

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