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Patriot's Day in New England

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When is Patriot's Day in New England? This holiday is observed on the third Monday in April

Happy Patriots Day! It is a huge holiday in the New England area. Sorry football fans, this is not a celebration of the NFL’s New England Patriots. Rather, it’s a celebration of the American Revolution and the many brave patriots who fought to gain freedom from British rule. The history of this day goes back to the birth of our country and the Revolutionary War.

Patriots Day in New England is not a national holiday. Many people outside of the New England area know little or nothing about this holiday. For New Englanders, the birthplace of the American Revolutionary War, it is a big, big day. In the states of New England, it’s a legal holiday with a day off of work for many.  

Patriot’s Day commemorates the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. This battle began the American Revolutionary War. It also commemorates the “Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”. On this evening, patriot Paul Revere rode through town warning the colonists that “The Red Coats are coming!”  

The Roots of Patriots Day

In 1894, Massachusetts Governor Frederic T Greenhalge proclaimed Patriot’s Day in his state. The holiday commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired. Over a period of time, all New England states proclaimed this a holiday. The original date to celebrate Patriot’s Day was April 19. t was changed to the third Monday in April to allow for a three-day holiday weekend. It replaced “Fast Day on the holiday calendar.

A Little About “Fast Day”:

During colonial times, Puritans in New England were very religious. On February 26, 1735, Massachusetts Governor Jonathan Belcher proclaimed April 1 as “Fast Day”. It was a public holiday and a day of prayer and fasting.

How to Celebrate Patriot's Day

Get into the spirit of this special holiday. DO NOT DO HOUSEWORK!

  • When you get up in the morning, do not make your bed.
  • After meals, leave the dishes in the sink Note: You are allowed to put things into the dishwasher. After all, you have to set them down somewhere.
  • There will be no vacuuming, dusting, mopping, or clothes washing and ironing.
  • Hire a maid, butler, and cook for the day. 

Today's Quote

“The tree of liberty from time to time must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – – Thomas Jefferson

History and Origin of Patriot's Day

There are many local Patriot Day celebrations, held on various different dates. But, among the many Patriot’s Days, the New England celebration is by far the “biggie”.

The creator of this day is unknown. But, it has been celebrated in New England since 1894.

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