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National Hat Day

When is National Hat Day

When is National Hat Day? This holiday is always observed on January 15

National Hat Day, a January 15 holiday, exists to encourage you to wear and enjoy a hat of your choice and style. Isn’t it great that hats come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles? There’s one to fit every size head and personality, too. Most people wear them, And, people who wear them have several.

Hats are used to make a statement or to promote a cause or a product. Back in 1797, the introduction of the Top Hat almost caused a riot. It was first worn by James Heatherington in London England. As Heatherington strolled through the streets of London, England displaying his Top Hat, crowds gathered, Some people began to push and shove. Heatherington was fined for “going about in a manner that frightened timid people”. Apparently, that is a law in London. 

Oh yeah… hats have practical uses, too. For example, helmets offer safety protection. Some hats keep your head warm, or the sun out of your eyes….how boring.

National Hat Day is not intended to just keep your noggin warm. It’s a chance to make a statement and display your favorite headgear. We suggest you wear several different hats over the day.

Did you know? More body heat is lost from your head than other parts of the body. So, wearing a hat goes a long way towards staying warm on a cold winter’s day (or night).

Hat Trivia

Spend a little time today under that hat of yours learning this trivia:

  • “Hatters” are men who sell hats. “Milliners” are women who sell them. 
  • Head coverings or headgear could be as old as 170,000 years!
  • However, the first reference to a hat was not until 15,000 years ago, B.C. It was found on a cave painting in  Lussac-les-Chateaux , France.
  • Panama hats originated in Ecuador. Surprise, surprise.
  • Women originally wore fedoras. It was named after Princess Fédora Romanoff from the play Fédora by the French author Victorien Sardou.
  • The term “Mad as a Hatter” came from the fact that many hatters suffered from mercury poisoning. The process of making felt hats used mercury.
  • Wearing a dunce cap was once a sign of wisdom. Funny how things have changed. 
  • In the middle of 19th century baseball umpires wore top hats during the game.
  • Vikings never wore horned helmets.

If you enjoyed this trivia, don’t keep it under your hat. Rather, share with your friends a little of the trivia you learned here today.

Ape with Book, International Darwin Day. The theory of evolution.

How to Participate in National Hat Day

  • Go out in public in style today with your best hat.
  • We dare you to go out wearing a Top Hat.
  • Add to your collection of headgear. Head out to a haberdashery and buy a new hat or baseball cap to place upon your pate. 
  • Do a Mexican Hat dance.
  • If you are a magician, pull a rabbit out of your hat.

Today's Quote

“If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.” – – Angelina Jolie

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History and Origin of National Hat Day

Without a doubt, a hat-loving individual or group created this holiday.

There is no evidence to suggest that this is truly a “National” day, which requires an act of congress or a presidential proclamation.

If you have any information about this holiday, please email us.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is so important to distinguish and identify true national days.

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