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Make a Hat Day

Pilgrim Hat

About Make a Hat Day

Date When Celebrated: This fun holiday is always observed on September 15

Make a Hat Day is a September 15 holiday created just for fun. Design, make, and wear your hat for yourself today. Put your personality into it. Or, make a hat from a character you would like to imitate for a day.

This day is very popular with preschool, kindergarten, and early grade school teachers and students. Early in the new school year, teachers look for fun and interesting projects to break up the classroom routine, or for art projects. The hats can be made of construction paper or a variety of cloth materials. Decorating them is half of the fun. Add feathers, ribbons, pins of all kinds. and many other items. Let the kids use their imagination in decorating them. Kids, who love arts projects by nature, can use their creativity in making a hat that fits them!

The rules for this day are quite simple. Just make a hat, any hat. It can be for you, or mom or dad, or even your kid brother or sister. Wearing the hat is optional. But, it’s half the fun.  

How to Celebrate Make a Hat Day

Determine the kind of hat you want to make. Gather the materials. make a hat. Once it’s complete, put it on and take a picture of you in your hand-made hat. Then, put the picture on social media.

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Today's Quote

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” – – Albert Einstein

History and Origin of Make a Hat Day

We found no factual information about this special day.  We believe it was initiated and promoted by kindergarten or grade school teachers, to give their pupils a fun project to do early in the new school season

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