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National Comic Book Day

Comic Book Day

About National Comic Book Day

Date When Celebrated: This Special Day is always observed on September 25

National Comic Book Day is a super cool day. Share a book with a friend today. We don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like a good comic book. As a matter of fact, many of us have a collection. Collecting never goes out of style. And, the books in our collection only gain in value over the years.

Comic books are great reading. They either tell an ongoing story, provide humor, or offer intrigue and suspense. In all the storylines, good eventually prevails over evil. So, these books always make us feel good.

Did you Know? (of course, you did!):  Comic books have great value as a collector’s item. Don’t ever throw away those old comic books. Down the road, the series you are collecting today may be worth its weight in gold!

Related Holidays

Free Comic Book Day is on the first Saturday in May. Although its creator is unknown, this holiday dates back to 2003. Some stores offer free or discounted books. Watch for deals in your area.

Comic Book Trivia

Here’s a little trivia to share with your friends:

  • The U.S. industry sells over $1 billion a year in books alone. That doesn’t include associated paraphernalia.
  • The first comic book was “The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck in 1842.
  • They are called “comic magazines” in the United Kingdom.
  • The largest comic book market is in Japan.

How to Celebrate National Comic Book Day

Here are some of the many ways to enjoy this special holiday:

  • Buy a comic book, or two, or,…….
  • Read a book, or two, or…….
  • Trade comic books among your friends.
  • If you do not yet have a collection of them, this is a great day to start.
  • Watch for some stores that may offer free or discounted comics on this day. (If you hear of a free offer, let me know…I’m so there!)
  • Hold a group session or party to discuss some of your favorite comics.
  • Share books among friends.

Today's Quote

“Laws are like sausages, you should never watch them being made.” – – Otto von Bismarck

History and Origin of National Comic Book Day

We traced the origin of this day to 2015.  However, we found no factual information about this special day. But, we believe this is one of the more enjoyable of all special days.

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Definition of “National” Days

If you have any information about this holiday, please email us.

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