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World Farm Animals Day

Cows on Farm

About World Farm Animals Day

When is World Farm Animals Day? This holiday is always on October 2

World Farm Animals Day, an October 2 holiday, is mainly about animal rights. This day was created in memory of Mahatma Gandhi, a Hindu spiritual leader in the country of India. Among the many things, Gandhi taught was non-violence and treating all living beings with respect. This teaching is all-inclusive. This means fair and humane treatment of farm animals, too. This event was created to draw attention to the poor treatment and plight of animals on some farms in many parts of the world.

To many of us, there is a certain happiness and joy when we see or think of farm animals. We don’t usually think about the fact, that they are a source of food, too. This day is designed to be an annual protest, against factory farms and slaughterhouses, especially those that treat the animals cruelly. This also extends to abandoned and abused animals anywhere in the world.   

Did You Know? A cow is sacred in India. You cannot harm them or eat them. 

Today’s Theme Song: Old McDonald Had a Farm.


How to Celebrate World Farm Animals Day

  • We encourage you to participate in this day, by showing your support for the fair treatment of all animals.
  • Also, visit a working farm today, to see farm animals in their normal environment. A bonus is to visit a farm where there’s a petting zoo and you can feed them, too.

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Today's Quote

“A rattlesnake loose in the living room tends to end all discussion of animal rights.” – – Aristotle Onassis

History and Origin of World Farm Animals Day

This holiday was created as an annual event in 1985. It was launched as an international campaign by “Farm Animal Rights Movement (Farm), a non-profit organization.

It has been held annually ever since.

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