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Cookbook Launch Day

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About Cookbook Launch Day

Date When Celebrated: Cookbook Launch Day is always observed on October 12

Cookbook Launch Day, an October 12 holiday, is a little-known day designed to launch a new recipe book. Schools, churches, clubs, and a wide range of organizations ask members to donate a recipe for creating their own cookbooks. Working with a publisher, they put a neat cookbook together filled with cherished recipes and publish it for members and friends. New cookbooks are popular for fundraisers.

Traditionally, cookbooks are either printed by a printing company or made on a copier and then put together in a binder of some kind. Nowadays, it’s even easier to create and publish a new cookbook. Online Cookbooks abound and contain virtually any recipe that you are looking for. You can read the recipe from your smartphone as you prepare it. Or, print out a single page with the specific recipe you want.

Creating and launching a new cookbook is an exciting event. There are always a few new recipes to discover. And, it encourages us to try new foods with family and friends. Cooks will tell you that you can’t have too many cookbooks.

Did You Know? The cookbook “Form of Cury” was the first recipe book published in the English language. The chefs of King Henry II wrote and published it in 1390.

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Ways to Celebrate Cookbook Launch Day

  • If you’ve never been a part of launching a new recipe book, use today to get the idea started in your local organization or group.
  • Use today as a good excuse to buy a new cookbook.
  • Buy a cookbook for a friend!
  • See your name in print! Contribute one of your own favorite recipes to a new book.

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Today's Quote

“A recipe is a story that ends with a good meal.” – – Pat Conroy

History and Origin of Cookbook Launch Day

Our research has not yet uncovered the creator or origin of this tasty holiday.

If you have any information about the creation of this day, please contact us. 

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