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Black Cat Day

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About Black Cat Day

Date When Celebrated: This holiday is always observed on October 27

It’s four days before Halloween. As this spooky holiday arrives, everything is eerie, scary and evil.  Black cats are very much an ominous symbol of the Halloween holiday. Therefore, it is only fitting we celebrate Black Cat Day today, an October 27 holiday. These cats are a dark, evil symbol of Halloween. Witches and demons are known to be able to transform into a black cat and back again whenevre they desire. As Halloween nears, those witches and demons begin to increasingly appear, temporarily transforming at will into a cat, as needed to escape or get near a human victim. Despite all these ominous superstitions, many people believe these cats have the power to foresee prosperity, fortune, and luck

Did You Know? Black cats are the least adopted pet can in the United States. I guess their reputation precedes them. 

Are black cats good …. or evil? The answer to this question depends upon where you live. In Celtic folklore, it was believed the cats turned into fairies and back. Upon arrival to the New World, Pilgrims put a twist on this belief. They believe these cats are evil and foreboding. They also believed it was a witch or a demon. Never let a black cat cross your path. It will bring bad luck. In Europe, they were once burned alive. People caught harboring one, were severely punished. In Egypt, Great Britain, and Japan, people have just the opposite opinion of black cats. People there, see them as bringing good luck and a good omen.  

Black Cat Superstitions - Good and Bad

  • Don’t Let a black cat cross your path. It will bring bad luck.
  • One white hair on a black cat and it will bring you good luck.
  • They protect fishermen at sea. 
  • A cat in an empty cradle of newlyweds, and a baby will arrive soon.
  • At Halloween, these cats turn into witches and demons.

Ways to Celebrate Black Cat Day

  • Determine whether you believe black cats are good or evil.
  • Never let a black cat cross your path. Even if you think they are good, why chance it!?
  • Buy a black cat as a pet. If you do, you believe they are good luck for you.
  • Dress up your cat for this occasion. It’s the perfect time to decorate them in a Halloween costume.

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Today's Quote

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have not forgotten this.” Author Anon

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History and Origin of Black Cat Day

This holiday has been around for quite some time. It goes back well before the year 2,000. Unfortunately, our research was unable to identify when it first began. We also have yet to identify who created it, although the “why” seems apparent being so near to Halloween.

An increasing number of internet sites are calling this “National” Black Cat Day. We are not sure why this “National” tag is sometimes erroneously being added to special holidays lately, as there is no early, or even recent, reference to this being a national day.

We found no congressional or presidential proclamation making this day a true national day.

Definition of “National” Days

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