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Babbling Day

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About Babbling Day

Date When Celebrated: Babbling Day is always observed on October 21

Blatherskites, mark this day on your calendar. Today is Babbling Day, an October 21 holiday. We’ve all had the joy of listening to people who ramble on, saying a lot of words without much sense of reasoning. This isn’t a day to remain silent. Tell everyone you know about this special day. How many words will it take you to tell then?

Blatherskite Definition:  In case you didn’t know, a “Blatherskite ” is a person who babbles. It’s a person who talks a lot without making much sense.

What’s all the chatter about over this special day? Well, on Babbling Day, we celebrate those of us with a glib tongue. You know them when you hear them. They’re talking gibberish. They never stop talking, and babble on and on. They can turn a simple one-sentence statement into an endless dissertation. Did you ever hear a blatherskite answer a yes or no question with just one word?

Spend this day babbling like a baby if you must. As for me, I will spend it by a babbling brook.

How to Celebrate Babbling Day

  • Babble in your speech today. It sure doesn’t sound like fun. But, that is what you do today.
  • Or, stop your babbling.
  • Look for blatherskites and point out their ramblings.
  • Listen to a politician.
  • Listen to a baby talk.

Today's Deep Thought

Who is Pete, and why do we keep doing things for his sake!?

History and Origin of Babbling Day

We did not find the creator of this day or any reasons why it was created. Apparently, the creator was not a blatherskite. He or she did not say a single word about this day’s creation.

The Ecard companies and calendar sites online have all referenced this day. But, we did not find the originator or any factual information about it. Apparently, the creator wasn’t a Blatherskite.

We also found an occasional reference to this as a “National” day.  Can you imagine our illustrious political leader debating and babbling endlessly about making this a National day!?

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is so important to distinguish and identify true national days.

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