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World Pneumonia Day

World Health Organization

When is World Pneumonia Day? This special day is always observed on November 12

Today is World Pneumonia Day, a November 12 observance. This special day is not a holiday. Rather, as mentioned, it is an observance. Created by The World Health Organization (WHO) of the UN, the goals of this day are to raise awareness, promote prevention, and promote treatment of pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a common and very serious ailment. It can be deadly. Pneumonia is an infection in your lungs, that makes breathing difficult. This in turn puts stress on your heart and other organs of your body. Just about anyone can get pneumonia. A cold can turn into pneumonia. Pneumonia is most serious for the very young, the very old, and people whose immune system is weak or compromised. Anyone with a cold can find it turns into pneumonia. If you contract pneumonia or suspect you do, see your doctor immediately. Medicine is effective in most cases. So, take medicines as prescribed. Get plenty of liquids, plenty of rest, and very importantly, get up out of bed to take short, frequent walks. Lying in bed allows pneumonia to “settle” into your lungs. That’s when pneumonia can become deadly.

Did You Know? Pneumonia is the largest single cause of death for children under 5 years old.

There’s good news in the fight against pneumonia. There is now a vaccine to help protect you from pneumonia. And, most people can take it. Now, you can protect your children, elderly parents, and yourselves. Do what the UN’s WHO want you to do. Talk to your doctor about getting the vaccine for every member of your family.

How to Celebrate World Pneumonia Day

  • Don’t wait. Get your pneumonia vaccine today!
  • Vaccinate your kids.
  • Help to get the elderly to a pneumonia vaccination site.
  • Donate to organizations working towards vaccinating people in impoverished countries.

Today's Quote

“It’s health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver.” – – Mahatma Gandhi

History and Origin of World Pneumonia Day

UN WHO created this special day in 2009.  Without a doubt, this effort is saving thousands upon thousands of lives. This day is raising awareness. It’s educational, as well as a call to action to get your whole family vaccinated now.

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