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National Parfait Day

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When is National Parfait Day? This holiday is always observed on November 25

Today is National Parfait Day, a November 25 holiday.  There are two types of parfaits, the French and the American versions. The American parfait that you and I are familiar with consists of layers of ice cream, whipped cream, and any combination of syrups and fruits.  Yes, it’s a fancy word for a sundae. And, it’s usually served in a fancy glass. We wondered why the creator of this holiday selected a November date. Most ice cream-related holidays are in the summer.  Because the creator is unidentified, we can only speculate on the reason. We suspect this cool weather date was selected because we tend to make fancier desserts in fall an winter weather. 

Savor your favorite flavor of parfait, as you enjoy National Parfait Day.

Did You Know? Women blink twice as much as men.

Parfait Trivia

Here is some interesting parfait trivia:

Parfaits originate in France.

The earliest recipe on record was written in 1894.

French parfaits consist of boiled cream, eggs, sugar, and syrup. The result is a custard-like puree. 

How to Celebrate National Parfait Day

Celebrate this day by eating parfaits. While chocolate is by far the favorite, use your imagination to create a wide range of single and mixed flavors.

  • Go to an Ice Cream shop and enjoy a parfait.
  • Make parfaits at home for the whole family.

Today's Quote

“All the world’s a stage and most of Sean O’Casey

History and Origin of National Parfait Day

We did not find any information about the origin of this special day, when it began, or who originated it.

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