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Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

National Ice Cream Cone Day, Creative Ice Cream Flavors

When is Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day? Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day is always on July 1

Summer is in full swing. It’s hot and sizzling. You need something to help cool off. What a perfect time for Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day. This July 1 holiday gives you the chance to create a new flavor of ice cream. Maybe, your new creation will be a hit and become wildly popular. Then, you can sell your secret formula to manufacturers and make a fortune.

Just how many flavors of ice cream are there? Those of you old enough to remember will recall the “28 Flavors” of Howard Johnson’s restaurant. Howard Johnson’s actually had far more than 28 flavors. They always had 28 flavors in stock (hopefully) at a time. Those 28 flavors are just the tip of the iceberg. The combinations are seemingly endless.

Make today a fun day. Hold a formal or impromptu creative ice cream flavor party. Make sure you have lots of flavors, toppers, and additives, so people at the party can get really crazy (aka creative). Encourage participants to bring their own secret ingredients.

Ice Cream Day

How to Participate in Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

Sure, this day is about eating ice cream. But the central theme for today is to create a new flavor. Of course, the result has to taste good.

  • Create a new and different flavor. 
  • Use your imagination to add a unique combination of flavors that no one else has ever come up with before.
  • Then, get a spoon, or put it on a cone and enjoy! 
  • Share the news! Tell your friends on social media about the new flavor you created.

Thought for Today

In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first.” – – Jimi Hendrix

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History and Origin of Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. Our money is on the ice cream makers as originators of this day.

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