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National Author's Day

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About National Author's Day

When is National Author's Day? This holiday is always observed on November 1

Today is National Author’s Day. This November 1 holiday is all about recognizing and celebrating the many great American book authors. Because of them, we have so many great books to read and to be thankful for. It’s not easy to write a book. So, it seems only fitting, that this special day exists, to allow us to show our appreciation to all American book authors, past and present.

Have you ever thought of writing a book? It’s not easy. There’s a plot to develop and unfold. There’s a sizeable amount of research required, to get the facts and details just right. Then, comes the writing of the book, page by page, chapter by chapter.   

Yes, writing is not always easy. An author can struggle to determine the proper nouns, verbs, and tenses. What adjectives to use, without adding too many, to enhance the story? And don’t forget punctuation. Punctuation errors the reader, taking away from the enjoyment of the story being told. With all the elements of prose to worry and fret over, it’s no wonder, that every writer struggles with writer’s block from time to time. This is where an author temporarily struggles to write. The words and sentences just don’t come. When writing a book, two tools are essential. First, a dictionary helps to define the meaning of words. Second, a Thesaurus provides important synonyms. They are similar words and concepts.

How to Celebrate National Author's Day

We hope you participate in this special day. You can do so in a variety of ways:

  • Buy a book.
  • Read a book.
  • Send a thank you note to the author of your favorite book.
  • If you are lucky enough to know an author personally, take him or her out to lunch or dinner.
  • Attend a book signing.
  • Did you ever think of writing a book? Become an author. 

Thought for Today

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History and Origin of National Author's Day

The idea for this special day was first conceived in 1928. Nellie Verne Burt McPherson, then President of the Bement Illinois Book Club, felt there should be a special day to recognize and celebrate the many great American book authors. Her club endorsed a resolution for National Author’s Day in May 1929. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs also endorsed it in 1929.

National Author’s Day was endorsed by the United States Department of Congress on November 1, 1949. It has been held annually on this date ever since.

Normally, it takes an Act of Congress or a Presidential proclamation to make a true “National” day. However, a resolution by the U.S. Department of Commerce is also sufficient.

Definition of “National” Days

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