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All Saints Day a Christian Holy Day

Saint Matthew

When is All Saints Day? This holiday is always celebrated on November 1

About All Saints Day

The Christian holiday of All Saints Day honors and recognizes all of the saints of the Christian church, many of which were martyrs. The church sets this day aside to celebrate over 10,000 recognized saints. Historically, All Saints Day was known as Hallowmas.

 All Saints Day and All Souls Day was originally celebrated in May. They were moved to November 1 and November 2, to downplay the Pagan holidays of Halloween (All Hollow’s Eve) and Dia De Los Muertos. Religious leaders felt these pagan holidays were too popular at the time to ban outright. But, by moving the Christian holidays to this period, the pagan holidays would slowly die away.

In ancient Rome, All Saints Day was called the “Feast of the Nameless Martyrs”.

Today’s Quote: “Saints are ordinary people who do what they do for the love of Jesus, say what they must say without fear, love their neighbor even when they are cursed by him, and live without regret over yesterday or fear of tomorrow.” – – Mother Angelica

History and Origin of All Saints Day

Pope Gregory IV established this holiday in 835A.D. It is a Roman Catholic holy day of obligation.

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