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National Indian Pudding Day

North America

When is National Indian Pudding Day? This holiday is always observed on November 23

National Indian Pudding Day is today. This November 3 holiday is a day to enjoy puddings created by native American Indians. Surprisingly, many Americans have never had it. You won’t find it in restaurants or grocery stores, Instead, you need to grab a recipe online and make it at home.

It seems appropriate to hold this day in mid-November, as we approach Thanksgiving. Native American Indians were very much a part of the first Thanksgiving feast. It is quite likely that these puddings were served, and enjoyed, on that first Thanksgiving.

American Indian puddings are defined as a number of recipes of native American Indian origin. Generally, they include molasses and cornmeal. Apples were often an ingredient. They were usually baked.

Thought for the Day: The best things in life are not things.

How to Celebrate National Indian Pudding Day

  • Make sure to enjoy your American heritage, and a dish or bowl of Indian pudding, as you celebrate National Indian Pudding Day.
  • Serve it to others so they can enjoy it, too.

Today's Quote

“Immigrants and Native Americans have made our country what it is today, and if we’ve learned anything through these hundreds of years – it should be that we can accomplish more when we work together.” – – Deb Haaland

History and Origin of National Indian Pudding Day

We have not yet discovered who created National Indian Pudding Day. But, we do know who created these puddings….native American Indians, of course!

We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation creating this day as a national day.

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