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International Jazz Day

Jazz Band Day

When is International Jazz Day? This holiday is always celebrated on May 30

International Jazz Day is today. This May holiday celebrates Jazz music and history, as well as Jazz musicians. Jazz music was born in America in the 1800s. Over the years, it has become popular around the world. Everyone has their favorite style of music, and many say Jazz is tops. Some people have a type of music that they do not like.  But everyone likes and /or loves Jazz.  

The birthplace and home of Jazz music is New Orleans, La. Until you visit New Orleans and attend a real Jazz show in an authentic setting, you can’t fully appreciate the culture and beauty of this great style of music.

Enjoy International Jazz Day by sitting back and listening to your favorite Jazz tunes. Preferably, listen to them today as they are being played by a live jazz band.

Did You Know?  There is a second holiday with the same title.  An International Jazz Day was also created by the United Nations.


How to Celebrate and Participate in International Jazz Day

How can we celebrate and participate in International Jazz Day?

  • Attend a jazz concert.
  • Listen to the music.
  • If you are a music teacher, hold a jazz concert today.
  • Take lessons in the trumpet, saxophone, or other common jazz instruments.

Today's Quote

“I urge all young people to go for their dreams. If they do, many of the world’s problems will be solved.” – – Michael Jackson

History and Origin of International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day was created in 1991 by D. Michael Denny, a musician and bandleader. At the time, he was on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Jazz Society.

In 1991, a statement was recorded in the U.S. Congressional Record recognizing the creation of International Jazz Day. This holiday was originally celebrated on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Somewhere in the early 200s, it was changed to be a May 30 holiday.

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