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Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Kid Goat

About Absolutely Incredible Kids Day®

When is Absolutely Incredible Kid Days? This holiday is celebrated on the third Thursday in March

Today is Absolutely Incredible Kids Day®. Are your kids indredible and wonderful!? Sure, they are! Use this special holiday to let your kids know just how wonderful they are. And, today is an opportunity for you to brag about them, too.

Sure, your kids may be pretty good. But, my kid is absolutely incredible! As a matter of fact, all of my kids are absolutely incredible. As a parent, I am going to take full advantage of being the author of this page to exercise my bragging rights and to let you know that my kids are absolutely incredible. I sure hope they are reading this, and that their heads do not get too big to get through our door. (Wow! That felt pretty good.)

If the paragraph above doesn’t give you a good impression of the meaning and purpose of this day, then you probably don’t have kids…yet. When those offspring do arrive, you will most certainly use this special day to profess how incredible your kids are. Amazingly, tomorrow they go back to being brats.

Did you Know? “Kids” are baby goats. Does that mean this day is really about incredible goats!? …….Nah!

How to Celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Celebrate this holiday by:

  • Lett Your kids know how good they are, and how much you love them.
  • Recognize recent accomplishments or good behavior.
  • Encourage your kids to excel in whatever they do.
  • Write a handwritten letter of praise to your child.

Today's Quote

“As a housewife, the way I see it, if the kids are still alive when my husband gets home from work, then hey, I’ve done my job.” – – Roseanne Barr

History and Origin of Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Camp Fire USA created Absolutely Incredible Kid Days® in 1997. The objective is to show kids they are loved and cared for. Among other things, they suggest you write a letter of encouragement to your children today.

This is a trademarked holiday.

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