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Genealogy Day

DNA Genealogy Day

About Genealogy Day

When is Genealogy Day? This holiday is celebrated on the second Saturday in March

What’s in your genes?? Do you know your roots? Who’s in your family gene pool? Do you have famous people or notorious characters in your family tree? You never know what you will find, as you uncover information and learn about long-lost and ancient relatives.  Genealogy Day is an opportunity for you to begin traveling the exciting journey of your family history. Start your research with a DNA test.

The study of genealogy, tracing your family roots through history, can be a fascinating and addicting hobby. As my sister-in-law will attest, researching an interesting limb of the family tree can keep you up until three in the morning, on a day you have to go to work.

You’re certain to get hooked. Researching and identifying your family ancestry is easy and fun to do. The internet contains a vast amount of information on your roots, just waiting to be found. As you research your ancestors, you build a chart of your family tree. Amazing family facts and stories are uncovered. But, you have to be prepared to uncover both famous people, as well as a few inevitable skeletons in your family closet. Perhaps best of all, as you identify distant family members, invariably you will have the opportunity to meet some of your living relatives. Take time to enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch, or even dinner with them. In addition to helping you fill in whole segments of your family tree, your newly found kin adds richness to your life.

Did You Know? The family tree of Confucius has been maintained for over 2,500 years, a Guinness World Record. 

How to Celebrate Genealogy Day

On Genealogy Day, join in on the fun. You know what to do:

  • Begin to find out about your family roots.
  • Spend some time with living family members. Talk and learn what they know about your ancestors.
  • If you have not done so already done so, begin a chart of your family tree.
  • If you already participate in genealogy, seek out a living relative and meet them today.
  • Get an ancestry DNA test. But, prepare yourself. Surprise, surprise, your ancestry could be different than what mom and dad told you.

Today's Quote

“I can resist everything, except temptation.” – – Oscar Wilde

History and Origin of Genealogy Day

Christ Church United Presbyterian and Methodist church in Limerick, Ireland created Genealogy Day in 2013. Their objective was to bring together and make available local family history records. It allowed those in attendance from the combined churches to find out about their ancestors. It was so successful, that it became an annual event. The popularity of this day spread and is now celebrated around the world. And, a DNA test allows people to link up with members of their family tree.

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