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National Raspberry Cake Day

Red Raspberries Plant

About National Raspberry Cake Day

When is National Raspberry Cake Day? This holiday is always celebrated on July 19

National Raspberry Cake Day makes today as sweet as a summer day can be. Tender raspberries are among the best fruits that nature has to offer. Pound for pound they contain more fiber than most other common fruits. Put them into a cake……Then, you can “have your fruit and eat it, too on this sweet July 19 holiday.

Raspberries are one of summer’s sweet, fruity treats. And, the harvest is going on right now. So, it’s only appropriate that we enjoy a piece of raspberry cake in celebration of the harvest. You can grow raspberry plants in your backyard garden. The plants are low maintenance. Your kids and grandkids will love to pick fresh, sweet berries. Alert them to be careful of the thorn-covered stalks.

Raspberry Tip: The berries don’t store long. Eat them within a couple of days of harvest. And, do not wash them until you are ready to eat them.

Raspberry Trivia

Raspberries are good for digestive health and help to strengthen the immune system.

They are high in fiber.

Are you a gardener? Then you’re in luck. There are over 200 varieties of raspberry bushes. Take your pick.

The plants belong to the rose family.

The juice was once used as a stain in artwork.

While red is the most popular color, there are black, yellow, and purple varieties. 

How to Celebrate National Raspberry Cake Day

It’s always fun to participate in food and drink holidays. Here are a few ways to enjoy National Raspberry Cake Day:

  • Buy a raspberry cake from a bakery or your local grocery store.
  • Make one from scratch.
  • Bring the cake to work to share with coworkers.
  • Go out to a “pick your own” farm and pick them fresh. Bring the kids along.
  • Buy Raspberry Bushes and plant them in your backyard garden.

Today's Chuckle

“There once was a woman who sat too close to the fire. She became the toast of the town.

History and Origin of National Raspberry Cake Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day.

This is not a true “National” day. Neither the U.S. Congress nor the President of the United States has proclaimed it a national day. Let’s change that. Contact your local congressperson and request a congressional resolution.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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