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International Bikini Day

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When is International Bikini Day? This holiday is always celebrated on July 5

On July 5, 1946, the first Bikini was worn and modeled. That makes this a very special day, International Bikini Day, a July 5 holiday. Oddly, it is also sometimes referred to as National Bikini Day, but they did not originate in the U.S., At that time, conservative Americans largely shunned them until the 1960s. Perhaps the word “national” refers to France, where they were first modeled.

The Bikini is worn by millions of ladies, from very young girls, to not-so-young ladies. Hard to believe, there are a few ladies in their 80s who wear them!

Gentlemen………….  Today is an absolutely beautiful day. Go out and take in the stunning scenery. But, by all means, be gentlemen!

History of the Bikini

Two-piece bathing suits were around long before 1946. They covered most of the body and showed only a little midriff. In the 1940s, people called a good-looking woman a “Bombshell”. Some called them “Nuclear”.

There were two French clothing designers of two-piece bathing suits. One bathing suit was called the “Atome”, and the other was called “Bikini”. Both bathing suits were in reference to Bikini Island, where the United States tested atomic bombs. The name Bikini won out.

This two-piece bathing suit was first modeled on July 5, 1946, at the Piscine Molitor Swimming Pool in Paris, France. French Designer Louis Reard could not get models to wear the”indecent” bathing suits” at the show. So, he turned to a showgirl, Micheline Bernardini.

The first bikini used just 30 square inches of fabric. Since then, the amount of coverage has continually shrunk.

A woman can look great in a bikini. But a word of caution: bikini waxing is a rip off ! (tehee!)

Famous Bikini Wearers

  • Raquel Welch has honors for the most famous bikini shot in One Million Years B.C.
  • Ursula Andress in Dr. No
  • Bridget Bardot on the beach at St. Tropez during the 1953 Cannes Film Festival
  • Bo Derek in the movie “10”
  • Princess Leia wore a metal bikini in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  • Halle Berry was a Bond Girl in Die Hard with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.
  • Marilyn Monroe in any one of several bikini pictures.
  • Goldie Hawn in the television comedy show Laugh-In
Bikini Woman, Blond

Bikini Trivia

  • At first, Spain and Italy banned them at beaches.
  • Bikinis are memorialized in song: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
  • Movies have been made immortalizing these skimpy two-piece bathing suits: How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, with Annette Funnicello
  • The world’s largest bikini parade was held in Johannesburg, South Africa on November 9, 2009, It included 287 bikini-clad girls.
  • The world’s largest bikini photo was in Sydney, Australia. It included 1,010 girls on September 25, 2001.
  • Ancient Minoan paintings, circa 1600 B.C., show women in a two-piece bathing suit similar to bikinis.
  • St. Tropez claims to be the bikini-posing capital of the world.
  • They are banned in Muslim countries.

How to Celebrate in International Bikini Day

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate this gorgeous holiday:

  • Ladies…….put on your bikini and get out in the sun. While poolside or at the beach is most desired, it is not a requirement.
  • Buy your first one, or a new one.
  • Guys, you have just one task today. Tastefully and politely appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the women who wear them.

Thought for Today

When women wear a bikini, they reveal 90% of their body. Men are so polite, they only look at the covered parts.

History and Origin of International Bikini Day

It is clear that this day marks the modeling of the first bikini. Our research has not revealed who declared this a special holiday. We are glad they created it. It is truly an international day, as they are worn around the world.

For those who call this National Bikini Day, it is not a true “National” day. Neither the U.S. Congress, nor the President of the United States has proclaimed today a national day. Recognizing that the bikini originated from French designers, it is possible that this day originated as a National day of France. But, we found nothing to support this theory.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it so important to distinguish and identify true national days.

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