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About International Tiger Day

When is International Tiger Day? This holiday is always celebrated on July 29

Today we celebrate International Tiger Day, also called World or Global Tiger Day, a July 29 holiday. This day celebrates tigers, the largest cat on the planet. Tigers are arguably the most beautiful and majestic cats on the planet, too. Love ’em, hate ’em, or just plain scared of them, one must admit that they are indeed a beautiful animal. Unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate and they are an endangered species.

In 2010, at an International Tiger Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the plight of wild tigers came into full focus. 13 tiger range countries were in attendance. 2010 was the Asian calendar’s “Year of the Tiger”. Over the last century, the world-wild tiger population dropped by 97% (not including tigers in zoos). With only an estimated 5,000 tigers left in the wild, they are on the brink of extinction. Drastic population loss was due to several factors, among them were hunting, poaching, and loss of habitat. The 13 countries in attendance set a goal to double the number of tigers in their country before the next “Year of the Tiger> (12 years later or 2022). This international group also seeks to raise awareness of the plight of the tiger and to protect and expand their habitat. Their goals and endeavors are a joint international effort.

For the 13 countries that attended the 2010 summit in Russia, this is a huge day. They are committed to increasing the number of tigers in their country. And, they actively pursue improving tiger conservation and habitat. The countries use this day to celebrate their success in these aims.  Also, they seek to increase education and awareness.

Did You Know? Tigers have striped fur and striped skin.

America’s Favorite Tigers: Tony the Tiger and Winnie the Poo’s friend Tigger.

How to Celebrate International Tiger Day

There are many things you can do to celebrate this special day and help this endangered species. Here are a few ideas:

  • Read up about tigers and their loss of population.
  • Show your support of groups working to raise awareness and improve their habitat.
  • Go to the zoo and see these majestic creatures.
  • Watch a documentary about them.
  • Make plans to go on a safari, to see tigers in their native habitat.
  • Donate to the cause.

Today's Quote

What’s a tiger running a copier called? …  a copycat.

History and Origin of International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day originated in 2010. It was founded at an International Tiger Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There are several sponsors, including the World Wildlife Federation.

This is truly an “International” day. The plight of the tiger, and efforts to grow its population in the wild, are supported by many countries and international groups.

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