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Cow Appreciation Day

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About Cow Appreciation Day

When is Cow Appreciation Day? This holiday is always celebrated on July 15

Today is Cow Appreciation Day. And, that’s no bull! But, this July 15 holiday is certainly something to “Moo” about. Cows provide us with many things, including dairy products and meat to feed us. They also provide leather for clothing and furniture. Today we show appreciation for all of those things.

Our appreciation for cows can be expressed in many ways. Some websites suggest you go out and give a cow a big hug and/or a kiss. While it might sound like fun, you don’t have to go to extremes to enjoy this special day. It can be as simple as pausing for a moment to think about cows and all that they do for us.

Now that we’ve had our moment of silence and reflection, it’s time to celebrate. Have an ice-cold glass of milk. Add chocolate syrup, if you prefer. Then, fire up the grill, and cook some burgers or a steak. And, don’t forget to get your fill of cheese. Sorry, goat cheese is not on the menu today.

Cow Appreciation to the Extreme: In the country of India cows are sacred. They cannot eat them. However, Asian Indians can drink milk and milk byproducts like cheese and yogurt. 

Note: Restaurants and dairy companies celebrate this day by offering specials. Watch for them, and save.

Longhorn Cattle, Cow

How to Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day

Here are a few ways to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day:

  • Spend a few minutes thinking of all the things that come from cows.
  • Visit a working farm.
  • Have a big glass of milk and be thankful.
  • Eat some cheese or yogurt.
  • Fire up the grill.
  • Grade school teachers have students draw pictures of them.

Thought for Today

If a cow doesn’t produce milk, is it a milk dud, or an udder failure?

History and Origin of Cow Appreciation Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. The selection of the date is not universal. Some websites have Cow Appreciation Day listed as July 14th.

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