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Chocolate Cake Day

Devol's Food Chocolate Cake Day

When is Chocolate Cake Day? This holiday is always observed on January 27

Chocolate Cake Day is today. This January 27 holiday is a chocolate lovers delight, and a day to eat cake. Why this a day to “bake your chocolate cake….and eat it, too!”

On this day, a white or yellow cake will not do. Nor, will part chocolate, part white suffice. It must be chocolate, all chocolate. You can make milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fudge, or any other type of chocolate. And, there’s only one flavor of frosting that’s acceptable to use today.

In our original research on this day in the early 200s, the only reference to Chocolate Day on the Internet was from Ecard and calendar websites. This might lead you to conclude that this as a day for (and by) the Ecard companies. But, we know better. This day is for you, and all of us chocolate lovers.

There are three objectives for today: To bake a chocolate cake. To decorate a one. And, to eat a piece or two. Of course, if you are too busy to bake or decorate a cake, then just eating a chocolate cake will certainly do! 

Cliché of the Day: You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Author unknown

How to Celebrate Chocolate Cake Day

Food holidays are some of the most delicious holidays of the year. Here are some ways that you can celebrate this tasty holiday:

  • Bake a chocolate cake.
  • Eat a piece (or two).
  • Share your recipe with others. 
  • Bake a chocolate cake and bring it to your workplace to share with others. You might be voted “Co-worker of the Day”.
  • Give a cake to someone in need of cheering up.
  • Bring a chocolate cake to a nursing home.
  • Post a picture of your cake on social media.

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Today's Quote

“Let them eat cake”. This quote was first attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette.

History and Origin of Chocolate Cake Day

Our extensive research in the early 2000s did not find the creator or the origin of this holiday.  Also, a second search in the early 2020s did not find any information about the origin or creator of this day. Perhaps, it was a baker. Perhaps, it was a food company. Most likely, it was a chocolate cake…eater like you and me!

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