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Backward Day

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When is Backward Day? This holiday is always observed on January 31

Is everything you say, do, and experience a little backward today? It’s to be expected as today is Backward Day, a January 31 holiday. As long as the earth doesn’t start spinning backward, it’s going to be a fun and crazy day.

Backward Day is a day to do everything in reverse. The normal first step in activities and things you do is the last step. Use your imagination, and today is certain to be lots of fun. It’s especially popular with school-aged kids.

This day is limited only by your imagination.

How to Celebrate Backward Day

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to enjoy and participate in this fun day:

  • Try writing backwards or reading backwards.
  • Wear your shirt with the back in the front.
  • Eat your meal, starting with dessert. If you don’t have room for your vegetables, that’s okay today. Now that’s what I call fun!
  • Walk backwards. But, be careful where you’re going.
  • Talk backwards.
  • Play a board game backwards, from the finish line to the start.

Are you starting to get the picture!?

Today's Quote

“There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward. The thing is to move!” – – Edward Cayce

History and Origin of Backward Day

Sarah Nicole Miller and Megan Emily Scott created Backwards Day on January 29, 1961. They were thinking about making arts and crafts while milking cows on the Miller family farm when the idea struck them. Later that evening, they sat down and made the rules. The idea got out amid the community, and on January 31, 1962, the first Backwards Day occurred. The two women were walking down the street when they saw all the townspeople doing things backwards!

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