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Floral Design Day

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When is Floral Design Day? This holiday is always celebrated on February 28

Floral Design Day is the perfect day to appreciate and create floral arrangements and patterns. This February 28 holiday celebrates all those things flowery things in our lives. Look around, as they are everywhere. Flowers are loved by all, especially the ladies. It seems only fitting that we have a day set aside to appreciate the creativity and artistic quality of flower arrangements.  

Guys: Get in touch with your feminine side and make some flower designs today. If you just can’t bring yourself to do this, you will be happy to know that today is also Public Sleeping Day.

How to Celebrate Floral Design Day

The perfect activities for today include:

  • Create flowery designs with real, live, or dried flowers
  • Take pictures of flowers.
  • View designs with flowers in them.
  • Draw pictures of flowers.
  • Have the kids get in on the fun. Get out the crayons and let them draw designs for an aunt or a grandmother.
  • Guys, give your gal something with a floral design.

Thought for Today

“Personality is to a man, what perfume is to a flower.” – – Charles M. Schwab

History and Origin of Floral Design Day

Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld proclaimed this day in 1995. See the Floral Design Day Proclamation.

Floral Design Day was created to honor Carl Rittner the founder of our floral design school, a pioneer in floral art education. Rittner founded the Rittener School of Floral Design.

Some internet holiday sites have begun to call this day National Floral Design Day.  The creators of this day do not use the word “National” in the title.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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