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National Cookie Day

Chocolate Chip Cookies

About National Cookie Day

When is National Cookie Day? This special day is always observed on December 4

Cookies are one of the top all-time snacks. In addition to snacks, we also eat them for dessert. And more than a few people will admit they have them for breakfast, too. Around the world, people young and old love them. As a matter of fact, 95% of us eat them. So, today we celebrate National Cookie Day. Appropriately, this special day was declared by none other than Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Do you have any doubts as to how to celebrate this very special December 4 holiday? Grab a glass of milk on the way to the cookie jar and chow down. And while you are munching, browse our Cookie Trivia (see below).

By definition, a cookie is a small, baked flat cake that is usually sweet. And, you hold them in your hand to eat them. Everyone has a favorite cookie. What is yours? Depending upon what survey you read, the top cookies are Chocolate Chip or Oreos. We’ll just let you decide.

National Cookie Day comes at the perfect time of year. Among the traditions of the Christmas season, is baking Christmas cookies. A pleasant aroma wafts out of the kitchen as we make several varieties of our favorite cookies. Even the kids get into the act of making and baking. Then, in the spirit of giving, we heap them onto cookie trays. Then, we give them to family, friends, and neighbors.

Today’s Slogan: That’s the way the cookie crumbles!

Historical Cookie Timeline

Cookies have a long and very sweet history. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The roots go back to Persia in the 7th Century. Persians made somewhat plain, yet tasty wafers. During the Hold Wars, crusaders brought them back to England and Europe.
  • During the Middle Ages, Europeans began to make cookies with bread dough. They added sugar, flavorings, and other treats to them.  
  • In the late 1620s, Dutch settlers brought cookies to New Amsterdam (later NYC) on Long Island. 
  • In the 1700s, American tinsmiths began making cookie cutters by hand.  
  • In 1902, Nabisco introduced Animal Crackers. It quickly became a child’s favorite.
  • The first cookbook with cookie recipes appeared in America in 1792.
  • In 1937, Ruth Grace Wakefield from Massachusetts created chocolate chip cookies… by mistake. She quickly and wisely brought her recipe to Tollhouse.
  • In 1984, cookie dough ice cream hits the marketplace.
Cut Out Christmas Cookies

Cookie Trivia

  • 55% of us prefer homemade cookies.
  • Would you believe 7% of us have never made them at home? It’s true!
  • Chocolate chip and Oreos are the most popular cookies.
  • Half of the cookies baked each year are chocolate chip.
  • According to the Guinness World Book of Records, the largest cookie ever made weighed 18,000 pounds.  It was made by the Immaculate Baking Company. A previous record of 40,000 pounds was disqualified as it was inedible.
  • Over 40% of people have eaten a whole row of Oreos in one sitting. Now, that’s binge-munching at its finest. 
  • The average American consumes 300 cookies a year, and over 35,000 in their lifetime.
  • The market for cookies is over $40 billion (USD) annually.
  • 95% of people eat them. Don’t you feel bad for the other 5%?
  • On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus eats an estimated 336,150,386 cookies. One might ask “Where does he put it all!?” But, have you ever seen him on Christmas Day?
  • Fortune cookies are an Amercian creation.

How to Celebrate National Cookie Day

  • Eat some cookies.
  • Bake some.
  • Try a variety you’ve never had before.
  • Put together an assorted Christmas cookie tray and give it to family, friends, and neighbors.

. PS Don’t forget a tall glass of milk.

Cranberry Cookies

Today 's Cookie Monster Quotes

“C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.”
“I’d give you a cookie, but I ate it.”
“Keep calm & eat cookies.”

History and Origin of National Cookies Day

In 1980, in the Sesame Street Dictionary, Cookie Monster declared December 4 as National Cookie Day. It seems only fitting that a beloved childhood character created this wonderful holiday. And, who better than Cookie Monster to make this important announcement!?

We found no congressional records or presidential proclamations proclaiming this to be a true “National” day. 

Definition of “National” Days – And why it is important to distinguish true national days.

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