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About National App Day

When is National App Day? This holiday is always observed on December 11

Without a doubt, mobile devices and the apps we put on them have changed our lives. And, it has certainly changed things for the better. We use them for fun, gaming, shopping, education, business, and just about anything imaginable. So, it’s only fitting that we have a National App Day to celebrate them. This December 11 holiday exists to promote their use and the culture it creates. The holiday also promotes creative technical innovation. It’s a holiday we all can celebrate and enjoy. While most of us are users, there are plenty of software professionals who are celebrating their field of expertise today. 

Looking for something to make your life easier or more fun? “There’s an App for that”. From humble beginnings just a couple of decades ago, there are now literally millions of Apps. With so many of them available, you’d think there’s nothing new to create. Yet, many new Apps become available every day. Perhaps you will create the next revolutionary App!?

What does "APP" Stand for?

We all lovingly to refer to a software program that we download onto a mobile device or tablet as an “App” which is short for “Application”. But, did you know that “app” is an abbreviation for dozens, if not hundreds of terms?  Americans are addicted to creating and using abbreviations and anachronyms. Many of them, you’ve never heard of. Restaurants feature appetizers that are referred to as “Apps”. Here are a few of the many others:

  • Approximate
  • Accessible Parking Permit
  • Airport Planning & Programming
  • Army Procurement Procedures
  • Application Portable Profile
  • Ashbury Park Press
  • Average Physical Product
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor
  • Average Purchase Price

App Trivia

What do you know about Apps? Although we use them on a daily basis, most of us simply download them without giving a thought to how the app itself is created or the software that makes it work. Many of us know little about them, except that we couldn’t imagine life without them. So, here’s some App Trivia to make you one of the most informed users:

  • Apps are primarily for mobile phones and tablets.
  • There are an estimated 6.3 billion mobile phone users worldwide.
  • There are an estimated 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide. 
  • There were 230 billion App downloads in 2019.
  • In 1983, Steve Jobs conceived the idea of the “App Store”. He was a wise prognosticator, as there weren’t enough apps to create the store until 14 years later.
  • In 1984, the British Psion Company launched the Psion Organizer. It is the first personal digital assistant (PDA) device.
  • In 1997, the first app, called “Snake” became available for mobile phones.
  • The Apple App Store premiered on July 10, 2008. It begins with 500 apps.
  • Oxford declares “App” the 2010 Word of the Year
  • The Google Play Store has over 2.8 million apps.
  • The Apple Store has over 1.96 million apps.
  • 88% of the time we spend on our mobile devices is spent on apps.
  • The average user has 40 apps. But, we spend most of our time on just a few of them.

How to Celebrate App Day

  • Spend the day using the apps currently on your phone.
  • Search for new apps.
  •  Download new apps.
  • Count the number of Apps you have on your mobile devices. You’ll probably be surprised.
  • Share your favorite App on social media. Let your friends know where you got them.
  • If you are a software developer or programmer, create a new App.

Today's Chuckle

“Some days I amaze myself. Other days, I look for my phone while holding it.” – – Author Unknown

History and Origin of App Day

National App Day was created in 2017 by Christopher John (C.J.) Thompson. He is the founder of the mobile marketing agency Platinum Edge Media

The objective of this holiday is obvious: to celebrate and promote the creation and use of Apps.

We found no congressional records or presidential proclamations proclaiming this to be a true “National” day. 

Definition of “National” Days – And why it is important to distinguish true national days.

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