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Morse Code Day and Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

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When is Morse Code Day? Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day is always January 11. Morse Code Day is always April 27

Morse Code Day and Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day are two separate and special days. We celebrate them for similar, yet slightly different reasons. These holidays center around Samuel Morse, the communications code he created, and the magnetic telegraph machine that was first used to transmit this revolutionary means of communication from one distant location to another. In 1836, Samuel Morse and his compatriots, Alford Vail, and Joseph Henry developed the code. On January 11, 1838, Samuel Morse and Alford Vail demonstrated the use of the electric telegraph to transmit a message in code for the first time.

Did You Know? SOS signals were often sent in morse code. While SOS had no specific translation, it was said to mean “save our souls” or “save our ship”.

A unique series of dots and dashes, called “dii and dah”, for each letter of the alphabet, and the numbers 0 thru 9. Long before the invention of radios and cell phones, operators used telegraph machines to send messages using this code. On the receiving end, the morse code is translated back into alphabetic characters and numbers to form the message. The message allowed for an instant, coast-to-coast communication of information over telegraph lines. Once radios arrived, morse code continued to be a major means of communication. Morse code was in use in the military, ham radios, and other means of communication for decades. 

 Morse code is in danger of disappearing as a means of communication. As of 2007, knowing it is no longer a requirement for a ham radio license. 

Distinguishing the Two Holidays

Morse Code Day celebrates the invention of morse code and the electric telegraph machine. This special event was established on this date to honor Samuel Morse, who was born on April 27, 1791.

Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day was created to stir up interest in morse code. As a communication tool, morse code is being replaced by modern technology. This special day was created to encourage people to learn and use morse code, and to keep it from disappearing altogether. Hopefully, this day will pique your interest in morse code and you can start to learn more about it, by learning to communicate your name in morse code.

How to Celebrate Morse Code Day

Here are some ways to enjoy Morse Code Day:

  • Learn about the life of Samuel Morse who developed the code.
  • Learn the dots and dashes of this code.
  • Use it.

Today's Quote

“If we ever forget that we were one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” – – Ronald Reagan

History and Origin of Morse Code Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of Morse Code Day. We did not find out when it was first celebrated.

Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day was created in 2015 by Sheila Cicchi from Virginia. She is the owner and creator of According to Chcchi “I figured if people started with their name, thought it was fun, it would encourage them to learn the entire alphabet and numbers.” She chose this date, as morse code and the telegraph were first demonstrated on this day in 1838.


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