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California Poppy Day

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About California Poppy Day

When is California Poppy Day? This holiday is always celebrated on April 6

Today is California Poppy Day, an April 6 holiday. Fields of California poppies are known in California and elsewhere as “fields of gold. Today is a day set aside to honor these beautiful flowers and wildflowers. 

Cheerful and bright orange poppies are native to the western coast of North America, from southern Canada, and southward into Mexico. They grow wild, sometimes covering huge fields in a sea of gold, when in bloom. Gardeners love to grow them in their flower gardens, in flowerpots on their patio or deck, as well as using them as ground cover. 

In the late 1800s, Californians were working toward making the California Poppy their state flower. It did not happen until March 2, 1903. And, it wasn’t until more than a century later, that California Poppy Day was created. 

Celebrate California Poppy Day by planting some of these poppies in your flower garden, enjoying pictures and information about them, or holding teaching sessions and talks to children or groups.

How to Celebrate California Poppy Day

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate this holiday:

  • First, learn how to grow California poppies. They are easy to grow. Plant some of these poppies in your flower garden.
  • Enjoying pictures and information about them
  • Gardening groups can hold teaching sessions and talks to children or groups.

Today's Chuckle

I want to grow my own food, but I can’t find bacon seeds.

History and Origin of California Poppy Day

In 1996, California Governor Pete Wilson declared May 13-18 to be California Poppy Week. This is the typical time that poppies bloom in the state. In 2010, the State of California passed Senate Bill 944 (37222.12), designating every April 6th as California Poppy Day.

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