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When is Sorry Charlie Day? This holiday is always observed on April 6

Sorry Charlie Day, an April 6 holiday is about apologizing to someone for something you did or did not do. Have you ever been rejected? For anything? Sure you have! We all have. Sorry, Charlie Day is for all of us who have been spurned, and yet somehow survived it.

Some people suggest that this day might be about Starkist Tuna’s “Sorry Charlie” television ad in the 1970s.  But we did not find any documentation to support this theory.

Take a minute today and reflect upon a past dejection. Then, smile with the realization that “it happens to all of us!”

How to Celebrate Sorry Charlie Day

  • If you said or did something wrong or inappropriate to a person or group of people, offer your apology. It must be sincere.
  • If you have been dejected or wrong in any way, take steps to get past it.
  • We do not suggest that you go up to someone seeking their apology. You might just walk away a little more frustrated and hurt than bef ore you approached them.
  • Look up a Starkist “Sorry Charlie” tuna ad on the ineternet and watch it online.

Today's Quote

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – – Will Rogers

History and Origin of Sorry Charlie Day

Our extensive research on this day came up with no substantial information around the history or origin of this day. We did find this day listed on many Ecard websites.

Reader Comments:

Some readers suggest this day comes from Charlie, the Starkist Tuna. But, the saying “Sorry Charlie” did not begin with a tuna.

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